Almost Amish – Book Clubs

“Look this one up, the cover is the cleverest!!!   It’s called Almost Amish—One woman’s quest for a slower, simpler, more sustainable life.  I’ve already jumped in and I’m predicting good things for Nancy. 

She’s very engaging, honest, hilarious, helpful and really down-to-earth.  Tyndale is her publisher and her endorsements are excellent.  You may recall Sabbath Keeping  by Lynne Baab that we read a few years ago.  We all declared ourselves flunkees and yet vowed to consider Sabbath segments.  My recent research on margin, or our lack thereof, hit me like a ton of bricks and I can tell Nancy’s book is really going to resonate with me.

Thankfully she’s right in there with us in our crazy culture.  Her family’s own journey includes recommendations, discoveries and experiments.  She does not step on your toes.  Guilt is blissfully MIA.  She even includes recipes at the back!  Gracious on all levels.”

-Elizabeth Hoagland, director of Women’s Book Clubs, Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY


Suggested book club discussion questions:
  • Which of the Amish principles described on page xxi would you most want to try incorporating in your life? Why?
  • What are some ways you could “invite all to your table,” opening your home to others?
  • How does your home reflect your values?
  • Do you have a network of neighbors? Why or why not?
  • What traditions do you have with your family? What traditions could you weave back into your life to build security in your family

Almost Amish Book Club Activities

 Submitted by Jennifer M.
 Extra Almost Amish Book Club activities:
  • PinIt! Amish Style:  Pinterest meets Almost Amish as each participant makes a homemade item to share with each of the other members of the book club. Homemade items may be small or large, edible or decorative. Members also attach a brief description or directions on how to make the item. 
  • Almost Amish Work Days:  Members partner with each other in groups of 2 or 3 and decide on a mutual work project around that member’s home: cleaning, organizing, baking, cooking for a month, making homemade yogurt, sorting, etc.   The group then picks other dates to do projects at the others’ homes.
  • Clothing Swap:  To encourage efforts in decluttering and also to save money on clothing, a clothing swap can be organized at one member’s home.
  • Potluck & Amish Movie Night: Book club members cook various recipes in the back of the Almost Amish book to share over dinner and then watch an Amish movie or documentary.
  • Book Club Challenges:  At the end of each meeting, a challenge is givne to the book club members to put into practice some of the practical things discussed in the chapters.  Challenges may include:  declutter7 items each day for 7 days, reach out to neighbors through a dinner or service to them, shop local businesses in  place of some usual store chains, etc.
  • Skype with the Almost Amish author, Nancy Sleeth, during a book club meeting.
  • Series of scheduled hikes to explore nature during the summer with book club members’ children.
  • Scheduled group trips to local farmer’s markets to shop local.
  • Community service as a book club:  Members participate in some community service project together or bring items to the book club meeting which will be donated to a local ministry, ie. hats and mittens to the local homeless shelter or canned goods to a local food bank.
  • Trip to Amish country, if possible.