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For all people, and particularly for people of faith, the time is NOW to speak out for the preservation of this beautiful and fragile planet. People of all faith traditions are beginning to hear the call to take better care of the earth, and we must begin to answer with our actions as well as our prayers. This book contains masterful sermons and essays from nationally known and highly respected religious leaders, writers, and scholars. These writings will challenge our denial, complacency, and outright hopelessness (to borrow a theme from Chapter One by Dr. John B. Cobb, Jr.), and ignite the transformational fire within, moving us closer to living in accordance with the values of our professed faith. The reader will make the surprising discovery that the major world religions share common ground in the mandate of our respective scriptures to be faithful stewards of the earth. “The Eleventh Commandment” contains the promise of a new beginning for people of all faith traditions to become a part of the global movement that integrates faith with environmental stewardship.

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