Almost Amish

“Almost Amish is the perfect read if you’re feeling the weight of our fancy American lifestyle and looking to simplify your life and get back to the things that matter–like family, home, and community.”

-Melanie Shankle,


Have you ever stopped to think, Maybe the Amish are on to something? Look around. We tweet while we drive, we talk while we text, and we surf the Internet until we fall asleep. We are essentially plugged in and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Rather than mastering technology, we have allowed technology to master us. We are an exhausted nation. No one has enough time, everyone feels stressed out, and our kids spend more hours staring at a screen each week than they do playing outside. It’s time to simplify our lives, make faith and family the focal point, and recapture the lost art of simple living. Building on the basic principles of Amish life, Nancy Sleeth shows readers how making conscious choices to limit (and in some cases eliminate) technology’s hold on our lives and getting back to basics can help us lead calmer, more focused, less harried lives that result in stronger, deeper relationships with our families, friends, and God. Click here to listen to a recent radio interview with Nancy.

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Reader Testimonials: “I just recently read your book Almost Amish. I’d like for you to know just how much I enjoyed learning about the Amish culture, and how as a modern society we can learn from them. I agree with many of your questions regarding technology, processed foods, materialism etc. Thank you so much for this insightful book. It has not only made me reflect on how to be a good steward of our earthly planet and ultimately our Father’s earthly kingdom, but how to model an example for my children.” — Davina F.

“I want to thank you for the book, Almost Amish. I have had a long time passion for their lifestyle. Not that I live it, because I don’t, but I hunger for “simple”. I am constantly on the lookout for books at our local library for books about the Amish, or just simplicity in general. I am on my third and final renewal of your book at the library because I just don’t to take it back! Unlike many other books I have devoured in a few days, cracked my knuckles and said “ok, what’s next?”, I have really just taken my time to digest each and every chapter. Most things I knew, some I assumed, other things I never understood and just agreed to disagree with the philosophy of the Amish on. Thank you for taking the time to write this. It has been the most fun, and most thoughtful time I’ve had reading in a long while.” —Angi B.

Nancy’s Story
As co-founder and Managing Director of Blessed Earth, Nancy Sleeth travels throughout the U.S. speaking and writing about faith and the creation care. Prior to heeding this spiritual calling, Sleeth served as communications director for a Fortune 500 company and as an educator and administrator, most recently at Asbury University. Sleeth is a graduate of Georgetown University and holds a Master’s degree in journalism. She is the author of Go Green, Save Green, the first-ever practical guide for going green from a faith perspective. Nancy specializes in leading workshops on the nuts and bolts of stewardship practices at home, work, school, and church and facilitating women’s retreats on Sabbath practices, simplicity, and sustainability. She and Matthew Sleeth have been married three and a half decades. They are the parents of Clark (a recent medical school graduate) and Emma (creation care speaker/author for teens and young adults).


Go Green, Save Green

Many people want to “go green” but put it off because they believe it’s too time consuming and too expensive. Not so! Nancy Sleeth and her family have been living an eco-friendly lifestyle for years saving both time and money.

Now, for the first time, she divulges hundreds of practical, easy-to-implement steps that you can take to create substantial money savings while protecting the earth. Sleeth also demonstrates how going green helps people live more God-centered lives by becoming better stewards of financial and natural resources.

Chapter titles include: (1) Home; (2) Lawn and Garden; (3) Work; (4) Transportation; (5) Food; (6) Sabbath; (7) Holidays; (8) Entertainment; (9) School; (10) Church; (11) Nature; and (12) Community. Published by Tyndale House.

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Serve God, Save the Planet

Not long ago, J. Matthew Sleeth had a fantastic life and a great job as chief of the medical staff at a large hospital. He was living the American dream—until he saw an increasing number of his patients suffering from cancer, asthma, and other chronic diseases. He began to suspect that the Earth and its inhabitants were in deep trouble.

Turning to Jesus for guidance, Sleeth discovered how the scriptural lessons of personal responsibility, simplicity, and stewardship could be applied to modern life. The Sleeths have since sold their big home and given away more than half of what they once owned. In Serve God, Save the Planet, Sleeth shares the joy of adopting a less materialistic, healthier lifestyle, stronger relationships, and richer spiritual lives. With the storytelling ease of James Herriot and the logical clarity of C. S. Lewis, Sleeth lays out the rationale for environmentally responsible life changes and a how-to guide for making those changes. Purchase a copy!

It’s Easy Being Green

You’ve probably heard the story of the garden of Eden—the paradise that God created for humans to live in. There was plenty of room for everyone, there were trees and flowers and plenty of food. When you look out your window today you don’t see the paradise God intended for us. This world is crowded, polluted, and headed for trouble.

But it’s not hopeless. Emma Sleeth is only sixteen, and she’s working hard to save our planet. She believes that we’re called by God to protect the resources that he gave us, and she wants to help you learn how to live a sustainable lifestyle. She’s speaking out to her generation in the hopes that you will be the ones who can end global warming and restore our world to the paradise that God desires for us.

In It’s Easy Being Green you’ll learn how to honor God in the choices you make and you’ll begin to understand the impact those choices have on the environment. Emma will help you see how you can make a difference at school, around the house, and all over the world as you make choices about everything from transportation to food to clothes.

Imagine the kind of paradise you can help to create for the next generation—for your future children! Join Emma on the quest to serve God by saving the planet. Purchase a copy!


Hope for Creation Guidebook

In this interactive companion to the Hope for Creation DVD, Dr. Matthew Sleeth provides personal questions, practical applications, and additional content to help Christ’s followers dig deeper into the creation care lessons of Sessions 1-6—Light, Water, Soil, Heavens, Animals, and Man.

Hope for Humanity Guidebook

In this interactive companion to the Hope for Humanity DVD, Dr. Matthew Sleeth provides personal questions, practical applications, and additional content to help Christ’s followers dig deeper into the creation care actions highlighted in Sessions 7-12—Rest, Work, Give, Share, Teach, and Hope.