Earth Day 2011

“Make Earth Day a Church Day”
April 2011

This year, let’s make earth day a church day as we honor God by taking care of his creation. Below are several valuable resources that you can use to help your church, family, Bible study group, or Sunday school class put creation care into practice.


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Dr. Sleeth’s Creation Care Journey Earth Day Discussion Forum Earth Day Service at the National Cathedral

In this 4-minute video Dr. Matthew Sleeth discusses his creation care journey and encourages all of us to begin caring for God’s creation.

(Recommended for use as worship service video clip in weeks leading up to Earth Day, to generate interest in Earth Week events.)

Dr. Sleeth speaks on a panel at the National Cathedral before his message about how to “make Earth Day a Church Day.”

(Recommended for use in small group or Sunday school class; plan on 30 minutes for forum and at least 20 minutes for discussion.)

Dr. Sleeth preaches an earth day service at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.

(Full service is one hour; churches can use the sermon or the entire service for Earth Day Sunday. Also recommend for small group or Sunday school classes.)

Dr. Sleeth to speak live at the National Cathedral
Sunday, March 27

Please join Matthew and Nancy Sleeth for a special worship service and public forum at the National Cathedral in Washington DC.
3101 Wisconsin Ave, NW
Washington DC 20016

Forum: 10:10 a.m.
Service: 11:15 a.m.

10 Things Your Church Can Do

A true day of rest 1. Take a true day of rest once a week — it will change your life!

Start a green team 2. Start a “green team” at your church. Gather some friends and start planning how your church can care for God’s creation.

Lead a Sunday school class 3. Lead a Sunday school class, Bible study, or small group on creation care — the Blessed Earth film series makes it easy! Purchase the films and discussion guides today or email us to get a free set if you can’t afford one.

Reusable Dishes 4. Switch to reusable dishes, cups, mugs, etc. for coffee time, potlucks, and church dinners. While this will require more time in cleanup, it offers church members a very tangible way to become involved in the church’s creation care initiatives.

Plant trees 5. Plant trees to commemorate births, baptisms, weddings, anniversaries, or the passing of a loved one. Trees live for decades, provide valuable shade, enhance the beauty of your community, and serve a crucial role in cleaning our air.

Community garden 6. Install a community garden on your church property. Community gardens can provide valuable fresh food, especially in larger cities where access to local, fresh food can be hard to find. Involve your neighbors (including those who don’t attend your church) and have fun with it!

Cleanup Project 7. Join or plan an environmental cleanup project in your area. This could be something as simple as walking around your community picking up trash.

Energy audit 8. Get an energy audit. Lots of utilities and performance contractors do audits today. Reducing your church’s energy usage will not only help the environment, but will save your church money in the long term. Click here for ideas.

Recycle 9. Start recycling at church (especially weekly bulletins). Put bins in obvious places and consider making your church a drop-off location for products that can be reused by others, such as eyeglasses, computers, clothing, and furniture.

Pray 10. Pray for ways YOU can help the Church take a leadership role in caring for God’s creation.

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