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We need your help!  Matthew is finishing up his next book, and the publisher wants to begin work on the cover. But first, we need a GREAT title!
This is where you come in. Please read the book synopsis below, and then rank the suggested titles and subtitles (with 5 being your highest preference and 1 being lowest).  If you come up with another title/subtitle that is not listed, please add it to the comments section at the end of the survey.
Matthew’s book won’t be released until Spring 2019, but if you have ideas or invitations for speaking engagements, media campaigns, and partnerships, please send me an email (  It’s never too early to start planning for the book launch.
Also, feel free to pass along this survey link to any and all of your tree-loving friends.  Matthew’s book is primarily intended for Christians who enjoy trees and nature, but we hope the book also will be passed along to friends who love creation but haven’t connected with the Creator.
Book Synopsis
Trees are the most frequently mentioned living thing in the Bible-other than humans.  Every significant character and event in Scripture has a tree associated with it.  Our story begins in Paradise with two trees and ends beside the Tree of Life in Heaven, with leaves that heal the nations.  The first Psalm tells us to grow like a tree planted beside a stream, with branches that bear fruit in every season and leaves that never wither.
Noah receives an olive branch, Abraham welcomes angels under the oaks, Jonah throws a hissy fit beneath a shade tree, Deborah holds court under the palms, and Moses hears God in a burning bush.  The placement of these and many other pivotal events by, beneath, and beside trees is not accidental; it is all part of God’s Great Plan.
When God frees the Hebrew people from slavery, they use hyssop branches to paint blood from the sacrificed lamb on the wooden lintels of their home and evade death.  Nathaniel is called from a tree, Zacchaeus climbs a tree, and Paul teaches how we can be grafted into the family tree of Israel. Jesus, the New Adam, grows up working in a wood shop.  In the most significant event of history, Christ, the Tree of Life, redeems us on the Cross so that we may have eternal life.
Why did God choose trees, bushes, branches, roots, and soil as a primary metaphor to tell the Gospel?  What do the latest scientific discoveries about trees reveal about the Author of Life?  And why do trees seem to have gone missing recently–from sermons, Bible commentaries, and even modern translations of Scripture?
Join Dr. Matthew Sleeth, executive director of Blessed Earth, on a journey through the trees in the Bible.  A walk in the woods–and your understanding of Scripture–will never be the same!