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Matthew Sleeth just got back from the annual gathering of the Seminary Stewardship Alliance (SSA), which was held this year in Portland, OR.  While there, he was given a surprise by the leadership of the SSA: they inaugurated an annual prize in his honor!  Each year, the Matthew Sleeth Seminary Stewardship Alliance Award will be given to the school that has made the greatest impact in creation care theology and practice.

“I was pleased for Matthew,” said Nancy Sleeth. “He had put five years of hard work into launching the SSA.  But I was even more pleased for the SSA, a project of Blessed Earth that has now become an independent nonprofit.”

In just a few years, the SSA has grown from twelve founding institutions to nearly fifty schools. Last week, about seventy representatives from member schools participated in our annual gathering. These schools are now training thousands of pastors around the world to teach, preach, model, and hold each other accountable for good stewardship practices.

Why is this important? Today, the Church is so often seen as part of the problem.  The SSA reminds us how we can become part of the solution. From Genesis to Revelation, there is no greener book than the Bible.

Instead of being known for what we are against, the SSA shows what we are for: caring for God’s beautiful gift of creation until the return of Jesus, when leaves from the Tree of Life, watered by an unpolluted river, will heal all the nations.

Nancy Sleeth praised the work of the SSA saying, “The SSA gives me hope–hope for the planet God created. Hope that the good work God has given Blessed Earth to do will continue to flourish far beyond our personal reach. Hope that the Church can make a positive impact. Hope that Jesus, our Savior, can use each and every one of us to help heal an ailing world!”