Praise for 24/6


“Matthew Sleeth has crafted a compelling invitation to consider and participate in Sabbath-keeping, an invitation that is, in my experience, without peer.”-Eugene Peterson, author of The Message

“Considering that it occupies 1/7 of one’s life, it’s amazing how little attention we pay to the Sabbath. This wise and humane book is not goad or scourge–it’s a pretty seductive invitation to a celebration.”-Bill McKibben, author of Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future

“If you more often than not reply ‘tired’ or ‘busy’ when people ask you how you’re doing, then this book is for you. If you wish there were more hours in the day, but know that even if you had them, you would make them just as frantic as the others, then this book is for you. With the gentle bedside manner of a caring physician, Matthew diagnoses our symptoms and gives us the prognosis: without rest, it doesn’t look too good for we overwrought, over-scheduled and over-extended folk. The good news is that the medicine – if we choose to take it – is sweet. Really sweet. The kind of sweet that makes you re-arrange your schedule to make sure you don’t miss the next dose. With his customary illuminating stories and practical wisdom, Matthew invites us to receive the gift of the Sabbath and find the rest for our weary souls that we long for – and to imagine a world where that was possible for all. Highly recommended.” –Sean Gladding, author of The Story of God, the Story of Us: Getting Lost and Found in the Bible

“24/6 is more than a simple Sabbath story. It’s an invitation to a life well lived by one of today’s leading Christian thinkers. By masterfully blending personal narrative with profound scriptural reflections, Matthew Sleeth breathes new life into the fourth commandment. If you’re beat down, fed up, or burnt out, read this book and prepare to be changed.” – Jonathan Merritt, author of A Faith of Our Own and Green Like God

“Matthew Sleeth, M.D.’s brand new book, “24/6? is top-notch. The writing is engaging & inspiring. His stories are so fun and fresh and the content isn’t judgmental, but empowering. It reminded me of the “unforced rhythms of God’s grace.” Best book on the Sabbath I’ve read. I finished reading the book last Friday from cover to cover–then I had a WONDERFUL Sabbath with my family on the weekend – we never left our neighborhood for a whole day.”- David Drury, Chief of Staff, Wesleyan Church

“24/6 is a book I needed to read and now I need to practice–not only for the sake of my intimacy with God but for my effectiveness in life.  Matthew Sleeth is an incredible writer, wise prophet, and compassionate physician who shares a healing prescription for anyone leading a chronically busy, always-on life.  24/6 is good medicine for our times.”- Joel Hunter, Senior Pastor, Northland Church

“Sleeth, in 24/6, calls the church to recapture the gift of Sabbbath as a weekly reminder of the joyful reign of God in the midst of a broken world. I heartily recommend it as a resource for clergy and laity alike as they help the church to reclaim this great heritage.” –Tim Tennett, President, Asbury Theological Seminary

“The United Methodist Church is an aging denomination.  Blessed Earth is a bridge that helps bring young adults into the church and, more importantly, to Jesus.  Dr. Matthew Sleeth has a gift for bringing the Scripture alive through the lens of creation care.  24/6 is an important book for an important time.”  – Ryan Bennett, Pastor, Franklin UMC

“Dr. Matthew Sleeth’s 24/6 is not a new concept or idea but a biblical reminder and mandate that has saved my life in more ways than one as a child of God, husband, and leader.  I would recommend this book and Matthew’s talks on 24/6 to anybody who needs to slow their life down.” – Rosario Picardo, Pastor, Embrace UMC

“Matthew Sleeth is a medical doctor with an instinct for the Scriptures that many of us preachers might envy.  As an advocate for our created world, he has become passionate about the Sabbath — something all of us believe in but find it hard to verbalize and even harder to practice.  I’ve preached and written on this subject, but Dr. Sleeth has opened insights that are new to me, and he has made it possible for me to enter more fully into the practice of the Sabbath in my own personal life.” – J. Ellsworth Kalas, President Emeritus and Senior Professor of Homiletics , Asbury Theological Seminary

“In a gentle manner, Matthew Sleeth calls for something of a revolution: Let’s have a day of rest! In 24/6, Dr. Sleeth brings to the fore the deep tradition of thinking and practice that recognized the connection  between work, rest and worship. This tradition of keeping Sabbath is under risk as even our life with God becomes increasingly about doing. Doing is good; doing is essential to life. The Sabbath, however, frees us from becoming enslaved to doing. Through stories and scripture, Dr. Sleeth show us that a 24/6 life is about learning to be. It is about reclaiming our identity as beloved creatures of a good Creator who gave the Sabbath as a sign of how our busyness and restlessness are only overcome in finding rest in Him.  In rest, we discover the delight of God.” –Rev. Lyndon Shakespeare, Director of Program and Ministry, The National Cathedral

 “The old southern preacher Vance Havner used to say, “Come apart before you come apart!” Ministry never breaks, but ministers do! Broken, exhausted bodies and dry, discouraged souls don’t have to be the norm. In his book 24/6, Matthew Sleeth graciously calls us to step back into God’s ancient rhythm of rest and renewal by keeping Sabbath. This resource is Biblical, it’s practical and it’s life-giving. From one pastor to another: read it and embrace it. These encouraging principles will help you care for your own soul so you can continue caring for the souls of men.” – Kurt Sauder, Oldham Campus Pastor, Southeast Christian Church

“I’ve been searching for a book on the Sabbath, and yours is the best.”- Charles Morris, Haven Ministries



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