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“Thank you for your workshop yesterday at the NACC. We are so needy for this message. I decided fifteen years ago to reserve the Sabbath as a day of rest. It was harder than I had imagined. My husband was the lead pastor of a growing mega church. Sunday afternoons were often filled with meetings, baby & bridal showers, etc.  I declined invitations as quietly as I could. I didn’t want to make waves, but this was a decision I had made from deep conviction and I had to stick with it.  My husband has since retired. It is much easier now, but the temptation to “get ahead of next week’s schedule by tossing a load of clothes into the washer” still lurks the back of my mind. I don’t give in!
I am an artist, and I would tell myself that going to the studio and painting wasn’t work. I should allow myself to enjoy the talent God had given me even on His day off. I realized art was what I did all week, and it was work!  I discovered I was more refreshed on Monday after walking out of my studio for a day and shutting the door to any activity. It taught me that no matter what you do all week, the Sabbath is a break from it.
Thank you for making this your ministry.  You are both a blessing to all of us who are fortunate enough to hear you speak. I purchased your book and am looking forward to reading it.” —Martha B.

“I am very moved to create a Sabbath Day on my journey.  Four years ago, my husband and I moved to Southeastern Indiana for him to work at a college and myself to serve as Local Pastor in a United Methodist Church.  We were at a point we thought we could slow down some, have a semi-retirement lifestyle perhaps, our kids all grown and our grand-kids growing up fast.  But……often to our dismay……it seems we are busier than ever before!

Our weekends consist of church, church meetings, family events we travel to attend, community functions and fundraisers, and a counseling group I am a part of on Sunday evenings.  My Sundays are NOT Sabbath days.  Often, my husband has meetings or events on Saturday.  So, we struggle greatly with finding a Sabbath time both of our schedules can accommodate. I think that most 2-career families would be the same way.
Sometimes, I have ‘down’ time on Monday mornings, especially when I am late with the meeting on Sunday evenings.  My husband of course cannot.  We tried scheduling Sabbath on Saturday, but there are always out of town events or church activities.  The best we can do now is Sunday afternoon between meetings, and sometimes a whole day on Saturday.  For October, there is only 1 weekend we are both at home.
I am just sharing this, because I think other families and especially pastors struggle with this. Pastors are notorious for not taking Sabbath.If you do not have a staff, as I do not, you are on call all the time. My husband and I are talking, thinking of solutions. If other pastors are sharing on this subject, would be glad to read about it in your newsletter.  I would be glad to know how other pastors or 2-career households are meeting the challenge to turn off/quiet down/stop busyness.” – Charlotte N.


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