Matthew Loses 22 lbs on The Watermelon Diet! | October Newsletter 2020

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October Newsletter 2020

Dear Blessed Earth family and friends,
Last June, I came home from grocery shopping with a large watermelon. As Matthew carried it from the car up to our apartment, he thought, “This thing feels awfully heavy. I wonder how much it weighs?”
He stepped on the scale, watermelon in arms. Then he put the watermelon on the floor and weighed himself again; the difference was 22 pounds. “Hey,” Matthew thought. “That’s exactly how much weight I need to lose!”
Like many, Matthew had put on some extra pounds during the early months of lockdown. Sitting long, sedentary hours at the computer, Matthew had (successfully!) met his June book deadline, but it came at a cost to his joints and general health.
So the Monday after turning in his manuscript, Matthew began cutting back his food portions by about half….