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I’m not a big Facebooker, but I think I understand the psychology of why 500 million people have a Facebook account. It comes down to one word: Connection. Even if a Facebook friend isn’t necessarily a real friend, in an age of technology, people want to feel connected.

Last year’s Blessed Earth Simulcast created a connection for Christians to be united all over the globe for a common cause. My church was one of the 2,200 groups around the globe that helped “Make Earth Day a Church Day.” Many great things emerged from this event. First, it served to identify people within my church who shared a heart for creation care. It personally brought me great relief to know there were others right here in my faith family who were sympathetic to the same cause. Additionally, because of this gathering, we garnered the momentum to launch the Blessed Earth film series as a small group and study the scriptural call to care for God’s creation.

Furthermore, several people used the event as an evangelistic opportunity to invite non-Christians who were sympathetic to the environment into our church home. We used the Simulcast as a reason to reach out of our comfort zone and into the world of those with whom we otherwise may not have had the courage to invite to church. Thus, the Blessed Earth Simulcast served not just as an educational event for our church, but as an outreach and worship event, as well.

I spent years of my life feeling like an environmental island in my church, as if I was the only one who cared about God’s creation. No longer. All over the world, God is gathering like-minded believers to unite around the idea of caring for His creation. The church is no longer sitting on the sidelines. Thanks to the leadership of Matthew and Nancy Sleeth and others, the church is beginning to take a leadership role as stewards of God’s creation.

Julia Burnett

Julia Burnett has taken a leadership role in her church’s creation care team and has presented at faith-based creation care symposia. Her husband, Seth, is a LEED-certified engineer and shares Julia’s passion for leaving a greener planet for their children.

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