Board of Directors


bobvollsmallBob Voll – Bob is a Business School graduate of The Ohio State University and is retired from Ashland Inc, where he served as a Human Resource executive. Following retirement, he operated an organizational consulting practice for several years. He is a Master Gardener and directed the creation of the London Ferrill Community Garden and Orchard for his church.

juliaJulia Burnett
—Julia has a lifelong interest in all things environmental. After pursuing a degree in environmental economics, Julia worked in private industry, nonprofit/higher education development, and is currently working in marketing. Julia has taken a leadership role in her church’s creation care team and has presented at faith-based creation care symposia. Her husband, Seth, is a LEED-certified engineer and shares Julia’s passion for leaving a greener planet for their children.

johnJohn Spicer, MD—John Spicer has been an active advisor and generous supporter of Blessed Earth since its inception. With his extensive church leadership, youth pastoring, and business background, Dr. Spicer brings an invaluable skill set to his leadership role as Board President.




Nancy Sleeth—With a BA in English from Georgetown University and a master’s in Journalism, Nancy has served as Communications director for a Fortune 500 company and brings nearly two decades of classroom experience. She writes, speaks, and teaches about caring for the environment, from a faith perspective.




Matthew Sleeth, MD—Dr. Sleeth is a graduate of The George Washington University School of Medicine and has two postdoctoral fellowships. In addition to serving as executive director of Blessed Earth, he is the author of Serve God and Save the Planet: A Christian Call to Action  (Zondervan, April 2007), the introduction to the Green Bible (HarperOne, 2008), and a second book, The Gospel According to the Earth: Why the Good Book is a Green Book (HarperOne, 2010).



ellsworthDr. J. Ellsworth Kalas (1923-2015) – Dr. Kalas is a former president of Asbury Theological Seminary. He was instrumental in integrating geothermal heating and cooling, super insulation, bamboo floors, and other sustainable building practices throughout  the new family student housing village at the seminary. The housing village is named in his honor. Dr. Kalas was also the author of the book, All Creation Sings: The Voice of God in Nature.