Media Coverage

Paul Strand of Christian Broadcast News (CBN) interviews Matthew and Nancy Sleeth on their back porch.

Blessed Earth also shares its educational message through articles and interviews–in print, on the radio, and on television.  These are some of the following media outlets that have helped our message reach many tens of thousands of people throughout the world:

Why Sunday is the Most Important Day by Ryan Coisson 

Stop for Your Health a television interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Why Creation Care Matters
Snarky Faith Podcast

Evangelical environmentalist — an oxymoron? by Jenny Berg
St. Cloud Times

Thankfulness a radio interview on thanksgiving with Kurt Sauder
Solid Steps Radio

Caring For God’s Creation a radio interview with Faith Radio’s Neil Stavem
Faith Radio

The Benefits Some Families See from Observing the Sabbath by Jennifer Graham
Deseret News

“With Thankful Hearts:” Hood Theological Seminary graduates go forth to serve a Challenging World by Hugh Fisher

Sabbath Keeping with Dr. Matthew Sleeth a Threshing Floor Podcast

Dr. Matthew Sleeth on Creation Care a Threshing Floor Podcast

Creed of Compassion 
All Animals Magazine, The Humane Society of the U.S.

The Importance of a ‘Stop Day’ by Ben Tinker

50 Women You Should Know by Sarah Pulliam Bailey
Christianity Today

Why Going Green is Good for Your Soul by Kelli B. Trujillo
Today’s Christian Woman

Why We Need a Stop Day by Gayle Trotter

Greening for God: Evangelicals Learn to Love Earth Day by David Wheeler
The Atlantic

Lexington non-profit to receive $3.2 Million dollar donation  by Greg Kocher
The Lexington Herald- Leader

Possumhaw: Seeking the Simple Life by Shannon Bardwell
The Dispatch: Columbus, Starkville, and The Golden Triangle

Couple Makes Environmentalism Their Mission by Andy Mead
The Lexington Herald-Leader

Almost Amish: Is there a Hidden Gem in that Horse-Drawn Buggy? By Charles Redfern
The Huffington Post

Save ‘Green’ by Going Green by Paul Strand
CBN/The 700 Club

Rx for Excess by Andy Crouch
Books and Culture, Christianity Today

Matthew Sleeth on the Environment by Drew Dyck
Christianity Today

Green Living Saves Green by Alyce Gilligan

People Have Duty to Care for the Earth by Aaron Ogg
Grand Rapids Press

Finding My Religion by David Ian Miller
San Francisco Chronicle

Interview with J. Matthew Sleeth, evangelical environmentalist and author

Q & A with ‘Go Green, Save Green’ author Nancy Sleeth by Tyler Young
The Jessamine Journal