Mission and Beliefs

Our Mission

Inspire faithful stewardship of all creation.

Our Beliefs

  1. Blessed Earth believes that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and holds wisdom for us today.
  2. Blessed Earth is motivated by the biblical mandate to care for God’s creation.
  3. Blessed Earth promotes individual and group actions that encourage responsible stewardship of resources.
  4. Blessed Earth builds bridges within and beyond the Church that serve the Kingdom and glorify God.

Our Methods

Blessed Earth develops, promotes, and delivers:

  1. curricula, educational materials, and resources.
  2. educational forums, workshops, classes, retreats, sermons, and other events.
  3. a monthly newsletter and informational hub for creation care stories, tools, and links.

Blessed Earth is a private 501(c)3 organization, formed under the Laws of Kentucky and governed by a Board of Trustees.