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What an incredible few days! Matthew and Nancy and the Blessed Earth team hardly stopped this past weekend and we are so very grateful for our partners and the National Cathedral for long hours of preparation. We will be releasing photos and video as well and reflections on what comes next. As we launch the Blessed Earth Year and follow up on the Seminary Stewardship Alliance we will have tons of news and exciting updates. But for now, we pause and give thanks to our Creator God for a marvelous Earth Day weekend in Washington D.C. Here are some selected images from the major events (you can click on the image for a larger view).

Blessed Earth team prepare for the day at the Cathedral

Matthew preaches at the National Cathedral, Earth Day 2012

Wendell Berry receives award

Matthew speaks at the award luncheon

Award Luncheon hosted by the National Cathedral, Blessed Earth, and the National Religious Coalition on Creation Care

Matthew Sleeth and Wendell Berry during the Earth Day forum

Seminary officials pray after launch of the Blessed Earth Seminary Stewardship Alliance (Will Samson, Blessed Earth Development Director pictured far right)

National Cathedral congregants

Earth Day 2012 at the National Cathedral

Processional (Matthew Sleeth is pictured in the dark suite near the bottom of the image)

Matthew gets ready to join the processional

Cathedral TV on Earth Day