Earth Friendly Back to School Shopping

Q:  What can I do to make my back-to-school shopping more earth friendly?

A:  When the kids head back to school, there”s usually a long list of things that must be bought before their first day.  But is it all necessary? No.  Can you make more earth friendly choices? Yes!

First, reevaluate whether your child really needs a new backpack, a new lunch container, a new pencil pouch, etc.  Just because it”s a new school year doesn”t mean you need all new items.

When shopping for school supplies, look for eco-friendly designs. There are pens made from cardboard or corn products that will biodegrade in the ground. Pencils made from sustainably harvested wood. Pencil cases made from recycled plastics. Notebooks and filler paper made from recycled paper.  It”s surprising what”s available out there when you take the time to look.

For the items that you do need to buy, purchase quality items that will last.  Sturdy backpacks made of canvas. Lunchboxes that can be used for many years. Rulers and other classroom supplies made of sturdy materials that will last well beyond this school year.

A new school year is fun and exciting for everyone, and an earth friendly education can begin in the shopping aisles, where you can teach your kids how to make wise choices to take care of their planet.