ichthus music festival


Dad and I were given the opportunity to speak at Ichthus, an annual large Christian music festival near where we live. Dad did three sessions and I did one. Dad was great, as always; I managed to short out my microphone and one of the guys from the sound booth had to answer a question for me because I didn’t know the answer. There was one really adorable little boy in my audience who kept asking the greatest questions–things like “What’s the TV with the least environmental impact?” and “Do they use LED lights in police cars?” I think I want to import him everywhere I go speak. Also at Ichthus, my school’s environmental group teamed up with a couple other local groups and had a tent where people could learn more about environmental stewardship. They also took care of the recycling for the entire festival for the second year in a row. Over the weekend I also did an interview with some people from Steelroots; they were super nice and fun to hang out with.(P.S. The picture is of Dad and me in front of some of the recycling; I can’t believe how much plastic and aluminum was saved from being put into landfills!)