An Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day

article_imageQ: How Can I be more eco-friendly on Valentine’s Day?

A: What better time to love the planet than on Valentine’s Day? Show some love to the environment that we live in while buying gifts for your sweetheart this year.

1. Go Local

Planning on buying a box of chocolates? Buy from a local chocolate maker. Buying locally supports businesses in your own backyard, and reduces transportation costs of shipping products around the world.

2. Pick the Perfect Flower

Ordering flowers? Then order from a company that supplies Earth-friendly, organic bouquets.

Or why not buy the whole plant? Purchase a rose bush or gardenia tree or any other type of long-lived plant that will shower your gift recipient with flowers year round and become an integral part of the landscape.

3. Consider Your Chocolate

There’s plenty of chocolates to choose from, but some are better for the Earth than others. Organic chocolate has been grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Fair Trade chocolate ensures that cocoa farmers have been given a fair wage for their work. And Rainforest Alliance certified chocolate means that you’re helping to protect the ecosystem where the chocolate was harvested.