Easy Foods You Can Grow at Home


Q: What’s the easiest food I could grow to see if I want to do a vegetable garden?

A: Lettuce! Or meslun or spinach or any variety of greens. These super easy crops don’t have to be put in the ground – they can actually be planted in a pot. So even if you don’t want to dig up the yard for a vegetable garden, or you live in an apartment or someplace without land, you can grow your own food. Simply put a few seeds in a pot with potting soil (not the whole seed packet – that will be way too much!), put in full sun and keep moist. In a month or so, you’ll probably have more lettuce or spinach than you know what to do with. I grew this batch of mesclun with no mulch, no fertilizer, no fuss – just watering and waiting. Let God’s miracle of nature take over, and you’ll be surprised at what pops up!

Kimberly Button is a friend of Blessed Earth and green living consultant. She is the founder of greenWell, an eco-wellness company that helps families and businesses create healthier, greener living and working environments. For more information, visit www.getgreenbewell.com or www.greenwellconsulting.com.