Fair Trade Chocolate


Q: What is fair trade chocolate?

A: When browsing the selections of chocolate for Valentine’s Day this year, you might see some varieties stating that they are “Fair Trade.” Along with the “Fair Trade” certification you might also notice a slightly higher price tag – but here’s why.

Cocoa farmers are among the world’s poorest people. They usually can’t make enough money to buy food, medical care or schooling for their family. That’s because they are paid extremely tiny amounts of money for a huge crop that the world loves and obviously keeps consuming. “Fair Trade” certified means that the cocoa used comes from farmers that were paid a fair wage that can better support their families.

It’s not enough as Christians to just give to charities to help the poor. We need to try to prevent the heartache that these farmers are experiencing before it gets to the point that they need charity. Every purchase that we make every day supports someone that we’ll never know half a world away. Use your spending power to make a statement and help to provide humane living conditions for all of God’s children.