Green Tips for Summer: Wet Wisdom

article_image Summer droughts can water an especially precious gift. Here are five ways you can conserve water this summer, and throughout the year:

  • Water outdoor plants in the early morning or late evening, to reduce evaporation loss.
  • Wash dishes in a tub, and use the dishwater on plants. You can do the same with bath water — and get a little exercise scooping up the water and carrying it outdoors.
  • Turn off the tap while shaving and brushing teeth.
  • Take a “Navy shower”–get wet, turn off the water, shampoo and soap up, and then quickly rinse off.
  • Always keep a jug of cold water in the frig, so you don’t need to run the tap while the water cools down.

Summer is also a good time to make the switch to low-flow shower heads. You can find them in the plumbing section of any home repair or hardware store: they cost less than $10 and take two minutes to install, but the savings continue all year long. [Click here for more creation care tips]