Is de-icer harmful to the environment?

article_imageQ: Is de-icer harmful to the environment?

A: With snow and ice blanketing much of the country, there’s a constant need to clear roads and sidewalks of ice so that motorists and pedestrians are safe. However, you might be wondering if all of that de-icer is doing more harm than good.

There are more Earth-friendly deicers available. None are a quick fix or completely non-toxic to the environment. Traditional de-icers and rock salt contain cyanide and chloride. Obviously anything you’re putting on the ground will be absorbed by the soil and washed into waterways when the snow melts, so these two elements aren’t the best things to be adding into the environment due to their toxicity.

More eco-friendly options include Calcium Chloride, which works at a lower temperature and contains no cyanide; or Calcium Magnesium Acetate.

While you want to choose Earth-friendly de-icers if you can to protect God’s creation, keep in mind that your health and safety is also important to God. No one should chance a slip or a fall on their walkways or sidewalks. Do what you can with what’s available to you now, and plan ahead in an Earth-friendly way for future winter storms.