Trash In Your Garden


Can you believe that using trash in your garden can actually be kind to the Earth? It’s true. Reusing items are always better than recycling, so here’s some easy ways to reuse what you might have lying around the house and put them to good use in the garden:

Plastic berry bins and cardboard egg cartons make great seed starters. Use these items that would normally head straight to the recycling bin to start your garden seeds, first.

Styrofoam peanuts can be added to the bottom of pots where a plant’s roots will unlikely reach the soil. Fill a pot with styrofoam peanuts (wouldn’t suggest doing this with edible plants) up to the point where you expect the root system will reach, and then fill the rest of the way with soil, making sure the plants have plenty of soil available to them.

Plastic utensils make great plant markers – use a permanent marker to write down the plant name or planting date and simply stick into the soil.

When you’re done with these items in the garden, you can then recycle them. But getting double duty from a product before sending it to the recycling bin reduces your environmental impact – and saves you money, too!

Kimberly Button is a friend of Blessed Earth and green living consultant. She is the founder of greenWell, an eco-wellness company that helps families and businesses create healthier, greener living and working environments. For more information, visit or