Kentucky’s Lady Slipper Orchid

During the first weekend of May I was fortunate to visit a wonderful retreat at the Pine Mountain Settlement. Located in eastern KY, yet close to the Virginia border, it is a beautiful oasis away from all things busy. I attended the Black Mountain Wildflower Weekend and it was delightful. Even though I grew up in Kentucky, this was the first time that I was introduced to a variety of little gifts that pop up every year around this time.

Photographing wildflowers is not easy, and fortunately I still had some old extension tubes that I could attach between my camera and lenses in order to get close enough to fill the frame. Having mostly overcast skies above me that weekend was also a gift since so much of photography is about managing contrast.

Just over that beautiful Black Mountain, looking into Virginia, you could see the mountaintop removal that was taking place. It appeared to creep right up to the Kentucky border. This area is so beautiful and it is the highest elevation (4,145 feet) in our state. There are a number of rare and endangered plants in this area that can be found nowhere else in the Bluegrass.

“Never a day passes but that I do myself the honor to commune with some of nature’s varied forms.”
– Source unknown

Jeff Rogers

With twenty years of nature photography experience as well as a lay pastor background, Jeff brings an appreciation for God’s creation as well as spiritual guidance. His wife, Melissa, an emergency room physician, shares his passion for serving God and preserving the beauty of nature.

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