Packing Eco-Friendly School Lunches

Q:  How can I pack a more eco-friendly school lunch for my kids?

A:  It has been estimated that the average school age child generates approximately 67 pounds of waste by bringing their own school lunch each school year. That doesn”t mean you should stop packing healthy lunches – it is just an opportunity to make them waste-free lunches, as well!

First, buy a reusable lunch tote, not the brown paper bags or plastic bags.

Second, forget the plastic baggies to wrap sandwiches and cookies. Use reusable containers or food “envelopes” that are available nowadays.

Third, remember a reusable drink bottle. More than 2 billion drink pouches end up in the landfills each year. Yikes! It”s easy – and cheaper – to pack a drink in a reusable container.

Encourage your kids to bring back as much trash as possible in the lunch tote to recycle and compost accordingly at your home, if your child”s school doesn”t have the appropriate recycling facilities.