Respecting this beautiful place

“I will meditate on the glorious splendor of Your majesty, and on Your wondrous works.” Psalm 145:5 The South American country of Bolivia is filled with incredible beauty that is matched only by the beautiful people who live there. My wife and I had the privilege of going there twice last year, as we developed a partnership with Compassion International and our new “sister” church in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. As with most mission trips, it is easy to get fatigued and feeling overwhelmed due to the conditions that much of the rest of the world experiences. So, usually there is at least one play day. The trip to the Lomas de Arena (Sand Dunes) was an amazing discovery. Even though it is only a few miles outside of the city limits, the arid sand dunes are about the last thing you would expect to find in contrast to the lush, surrounding landscape. Some very unusual birds and animals including storks, armadillos, owls and even emus can be found. I walked all across the dunes, working my way across the left side. Then, I walked down the hill to the green grassy area so I could explore around the edge and find some contrasting textures. I will spare you the photo and memory of the large snake I found as well. Imagine my surprise when I came upon this collection of tin cans and water bottles! Until that moment, it had been a couple of hours of wonder and being thankful, meditating on the majesty of “wondrous works.” It can be so simple and easy to respect this beautiful place that God created for His pleasure and ours. I am going to try to do a better job myself.

Jeff Rogers – With twenty years of nature photography experience as well as a lay pastor background, Jeff brings an appreciation for God’s creation as well as spiritual guidance. His wife, Melissa, an emergency room physician, shares his passion for serving God and preserving the beauty of nature.

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