Rubber Bands, Cardboard Boxes, and Junk Mail

Kids are the ultimate recyclers. They can repurpose just about anything that comes into our home. Take, for example, the rubberbands that come on fresh produce, like broccoli. If you have a toddler, you know they like to get into everything. I rearranged my kitchen a bit so my son would have one cabinet he could play with. The others have rubberbands wrapped around the knobs. A friend of mine also uses rubberbands, though she commented about what a great workout they seem to be for her son who continues to pull on them. If anyone on your block is having an appliance delivered, let them know you want first dibs on the box. Think instant playhouse…or castle…or fort. And then there is the endless flow of junk mail. Single-sided letters become blank canvases for art work. Colorful ads can be cut up and remade into collages. Cards can be repurposed for letters to grandparents. And pretty stamps can be saved to adorn special projects. Who needs expensive art supplies and fancy toys when trash can become a toddler’s treasure? By Heather Bennett