Sabbath in a 24/7 World


this week, Dr. Sleeth shared some reflections on the fourth commandment — remembering the Sabbath — with medical students at the University of Kentucky. It was clear that the message he shared was both a gift and a challenge to this hard working group of young people. The gift: to be reminded we are created by a loving God who longs for us to discover our place in His world and to be healed. The challenge: to wrestle with our own inclinations to fill our lives with busyness and to give in to a cultural tide of “more, faster, louder.” The way forward is not legalism or another set of rules to follow. The good life marked by Sabbath rest is distinguished by trust, obedience, and humility. By spending time in God’s creation, taking naps, studying the Word, and fellowshipping with our brothers and sisters in Christ, we renew our hearts, minds, and spirits for the week ahead. Blessed Earth continues to discover that the message of biblical stewardship — of time, the earth, and our own bodies — is good news, no matter how busy we are or what kinds of lives we lead. If you would like to hear Dr Sleeth speak on observing the Sabbath, follow this link to watch a short video. Dr Sleeth also has a new book, 24/6, due for release in the Fall of 2012. Dr. Sleeth (left) spoke Dec 6 with the The Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA) at the University of Kentucky.

Geoff Maddock makes his home with his wife, Sherry and 8-year-old son, Isaac in downtown Lexington, KY. He is a missionary in his neighborhood and serves on the board of Seedleaf ( ) while also working part-time for Blessed Earth.

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