Mothers Can Still Dream

When my mom was eighteen—the age I am now—she met my dad. He was a carpenter, putting in a bay window in her parents’ house, and she was home from college studying for finals. On one of their first dates, he asked Mom what she wanted to be when she grew up. She told him… Continue reading Mothers Can Still Dream

Earth Day In India

Summer has begun here in southern India, which means that most days are in the high 90s or low 100s. It’s bad enough for my friend Val and the staff here at the Dean Foundation—all healthy and living in homes that have fans—but I can’t begin to imagine what it is like for our terminally… Continue reading Earth Day In India

Update from India!

Hello, everyone! Val and I have been having many adventures in the last few weeks.  We’ve visited patients, celebrated birthdays, gotten to rest a bit, and worked hard in the office.  Some of my favorite things from the past few weeks: This week I went to Dr. Grace’s nephew’s first birthday party.  Jonah is so… Continue reading Update from India!

The Trip to Delhi

Hello, all! Val and I arrived back to Chennai yesterday from a excursion to Delhi. Seven of us from the Dean Foundation drove up for an international conference on palliative care that took place on the 13th-15th (all in one van–we got to know each other really well). One night we drove until 4:00 am… Continue reading The Trip to Delhi

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Letter from India

Dear friends, I am writing from the Dean Foundation, the organization in India where my friend Val and are currently volunteering. We have only been here a little over a week, but we have both already learned so much. The Foundation provides hospice and palliative care to the terminally ill, both at the out-patient clinic… Continue reading Letter from India


This Tuesday I was walking to the library to do a little bit of studying before class when I saw one of my friends running across campus over to Asbury Seminary on the other side of the street. Her backpack was bouncing up and down because she was running so fast and she was so… Continue reading thanksgiving

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a call to social justice

A week ago I got to hear Shane Claiborne, author The Irresistible Revolution, speak at my college. I’d heard about him before and my parents know him, but it was my first chance to meet him in person. I was thoroughly “wowed.” He is a gifted public speaker with a real heart for social justice.… Continue reading a call to social justice

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being green in the cold

In the past few days the weather has gotten rather chilly here in Kentucky and I’ve been thinking about how to care for the environment when it’s cold outside. The heat hasn’t been turned on in the dorms yet, so everyone is finding creative ways to stay warm while they’re studying. My solution—thick socks, my… Continue reading being green in the cold

shine brightly

I just got the October 2008 issue of Shine Brightly, a magazine for young Christian girls, and a piece about my environmental work is the cover story! They have a big emphasis on missional living, which is neat–actually, the whole magazine is so cool that I almost wish I were in grade school again just… Continue reading shine brightly

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ichthus music festival

Dad and I were given the opportunity to speak at Ichthus, an annual large Christian music festival near where we live. Dad did three sessions and I did one. Dad was great, as always; I managed to short out my microphone and one of the guys from the sound booth had to answer a question… Continue reading ichthus music festival

finals are over!

Now that finals are over (I just finished my take-home on the theme of control in Graham Greene’s The End of the Affair and Amy Tan’s “Rules of the Game”), I now have time to add all the cool links and reviews I’ve collected over the past few weeks. This is a review done for… Continue reading finals are over!

publishers weekly

We got a review in Publishers weekly last month! It says: “Sleeth, now an Asbury College student, is a precocious advocate for environmental issues. She wrote this book when she was just 15. (And, no, she wasn’t homeschooled, if that’s what you’re wondering.) She shares her passion for Jesus and for saving the planet, in… Continue reading publishers weekly