Closed Doors

My son is at the age making sure that every cabinet gets open no less than four times a minute while making sure the drawers next to the cabinet are opened no less than four times that same minute. He never stays in one place. A reprimand is quickly dismissed and something new is approached.… Continue reading Closed Doors

The Speck in My Neighbor’s Eye

There’s nothing like a natural disaster to make you rethink environmental issues. I live outside of Nashville, Tennessee, where there has been severe flooding. We were lucky, but about two miles from our house, a subdivision was flooded. Our county asked residents to conserve water. Using disposable dinnerware was mentioned. Yikes. Conserve water I can… Continue reading The Speck in My Neighbor’s Eye

A Simple Toy

My son is mobile. You know what that means. He gets into everything. The funniest (and most frustrating) part is that no matter how many toys are on the floor, he crawls to the pair of shoes, welcome mats, fireplace screen and computer cords. Of course, whatever he gets his hands on goes directly into… Continue reading A Simple Toy

Packing Eco-Friendly School Lunches

Q:  How can I pack a more eco-friendly school lunch for my kids? A:  It has been estimated that the average school age child generates approximately 67 pounds of waste by bringing their own school lunch each school year. That doesn”t mean you should stop packing healthy lunches – it is just an opportunity to make them waste-free lunches, as… Continue reading Packing Eco-Friendly School Lunches

Trash In Your Garden

Can you believe that using trash in your garden can actually be kind to the Earth? It’s true. Reusing items are always better than recycling, so here’s some easy ways to reuse what you might have lying around the house and put them to good use in the garden: Plastic berry bins and cardboard egg… Continue reading Trash In Your Garden

Green for Life: Parenting

It all started with vanity, I suppose. I was married in 1999 and gained 20 pounds as quickly as I gained a husband. Instead of looking at my food portions, I decided to do something drastic—at least according to my husband: I became a vegetarian. Being a vegetarian led me to study the meat industry,… Continue reading Green for Life: Parenting

Car Seat Shuffle

Car seats. So many choices, so little time to research them all, but I sure did try. I spent hours online researching convertible car seats. Our son is now barely 5 months old and is 20 pounds and some change. Most convertible car seats go up to 30 pounds, some go to 35, and very… Continue reading Car Seat Shuffle

Fair Trade Chocolate

Q: What is fair trade chocolate? A: When browsing the selections of chocolate for Valentine’s Day this year, you might see some varieties stating that they are “Fair Trade.” Along with the “Fair Trade” certification you might also notice a slightly higher price tag – but here’s why. Cocoa farmers are among the world’s poorest… Continue reading Fair Trade Chocolate