A Picnic for All Occasions

For Mother’s Day this year, my family knew what would bring me the most joy: a picnic. My husband, Matthew, served as sous chef. Our daughter, Emma, made the fruit salad and homemade bread. Clark brought his wife, Valerie, along with her extraordinary storytelling abilities. The evening air was punctuated with cheers from a friendly… Continue reading A Picnic for All Occasions

New “Go Green, Save Green” Resource – and it’s Free!

Good news!  We have a new resource to accompany my book Go Green Save Green:  A Simple Guide for Saving Time, Money, and God’s Green Earth. Go Green, Save Green is the first practical, faith-based book to help families, churches, and schools save money while saving the earth.  Thousands of individuals and groups have used Go… Continue reading New “Go Green, Save Green” Resource – and it’s Free!

Q&A with Nancy

This Q&A with Nancy was originally posted September 14, 2011 on Jason Hess’s blog “Ecksermonator: Evolve Your Thinking.” It is reposted with permission. This month I was able to ask Nancy Sleeth, the co-founder of Blessed Earth, a few questions about the organization. With more and more people getting involved in the green movement, environmentalism… Continue reading Q&A with Nancy

Blessed Earth partners with the National Cathedral

…and five other major churches in the next five years Last spring Matthew was invited to speak from the pulpit of the National Cathedral, the “Nation’s Church,” in Washington, DC. His talk and forum were the centerpiece of their Earth Day celebration. As a school child, Matthew had taken yearly field trips to visit with… Continue reading Blessed Earth partners with the National Cathedral

A Place at the Table

Last month, we had John and Margo from the Wildlands Network over for dinner. John is doing an east coast trek to raise awareness about the need for wildlife corridors in North America. One of their staff members follows Blessed Earth on Twitter and Facebook, and she asked if John could stop by while he… Continue reading A Place at the Table

Spring Clean, Green Clean

“I love a clean house. I just don’t like cleaning.” That’s a direct quote from our twenty-year-old daughter, Emma, who recently graduated from college and is now living in her first apartment. Emma is honest enough to express what most of us feel—we want our homes to be uncluttered, fresh, and inviting, but getting there… Continue reading Spring Clean, Green Clean

The Earth is Yours

Photo by Jeff Rogers Thanks to letters from you, some days just start out right! This one from a pastor’s wife in California literally filled me with music. The tune is stuck in my head (a good thing), but I always have trouble understanding lyrics (I’m deaf in my left ear), so I’m glad Erin… Continue reading The Earth is Yours

Easter, Naturally

My favorite worship time of the year is sunrise service on Easter morning. I love worshipping the Creator in his creation, even if it means getting up early and bundling up in very un-Easterly mittens and jackets. My least favorite part of Easter is the commercialism. At the risk of sounding like an Easter Grinch,… Continue reading Easter, Naturally

On Accidents, Weddings, and Zinnias

Last Saturday, we celebrated a milestone: the marriage of our son Clark and Valerie. The wedding was simple, joyous, and God-centered. Although they did not set out to make the wedding “green,” it was a beautiful and environmentally sustainable ceremony. Everyone contributed their skills and talents: Val’s mom made the wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses.… Continue reading On Accidents, Weddings, and Zinnias

Is Conservation Enough?

Conservation is the first answer, since it costs little or nothing and makes up the lion’s share of “low hanging fruit.”  I don’t, however, believe it is the only answer. The example I give is the clothes line. It costs little or nothing to conserve energy by hanging them on the line. But once we… Continue reading Is Conservation Enough?

Shop, Share, and Save!

Over the last three decades, the Three R’s–Reduce, Reuse and Recycle–have become a regular part of our speech and practices. Now it’s time focus on the Three S’s—Swop, Share, and Save. John the Baptist tells us if we have two cloaks, to share one with our brother. Isn’t it time for us to take an… Continue reading Shop, Share, and Save!

Reducing Water Waste

Last summer, we visited a friend on his family land in eastern Tennessee. The stone cabin under construction at the top of the hill seemed like a metaphor for the young couple’s marriage—strong yet fledgling, promising yet new. The view from the hilltop must have been spectacular one hundred years ago; it was still quite… Continue reading Reducing Water Waste

Red, White and Blue Go Green

What could be more patriotic than caring for the planet this Independence Day? Whether you’re hosting a picnic at home for friends and family or simply marveling over your town’s fireworks display, here are some simple ways to add green to your red, white, and blue celebration. Food choices Throwing a picnic or having a… Continue reading Red, White and Blue Go Green