Trees Teach Us Great Lessons About Faith

““I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree…a tree looks to God all day, And lifts her leafy arms to pray… Poems are made by fools like me, But only God can make a tree.” Alfred Joyce Kilmer, American writer and poet, penned these well-known words published in 1914.… Continue reading Trees Teach Us Great Lessons About Faith

Eat With Joy: Redeeming God’s Gift of Food

God”s gift of food, professed in Genesis, is in need of redemption for many people. Busy schedules have reduced the number of meals we eat together, and confusing advertisements can make it difficult to choose a healthy meal option. Many of us have complicated relationships with food, feeling guilty when we indulge in anything less-than-healthy.… Continue reading Eat With Joy: Redeeming God’s Gift of Food


No Oil in the Lamp examines the current energy crisis through the lens of faith. Full of practical suggestions for greening homes and congregations, as well as a thorough exploration of alternative energy sources, this is a great resource for those interested in learning more about the world’s fuel sources. Available at Amazon UK or from… Continue reading Untitled

Making Peace with the Land: God’s Call to Reconcile with Creation

God is reconciling all things in heaven and on earth. We are alienated not only from one another, but also from the land that sustains us. Our ecosystems are increasingly damaged, and human bodies are likewise degraded. Most of us have little understanding of how our energy is derived or our food is produced, and… Continue reading Making Peace with the Land: God’s Call to Reconcile with Creation

Almost Amish

“Almost Amish is the perfect read if you’re feeling the weight of our fancy American lifestyle and looking to simplify your life and get back to the things that matter–like family, home, and community.” -Melanie Shankle,   Have you ever stopped to think, Maybe the Amish are on to something? Look around. We tweet… Continue reading Almost Amish

Year of Plenty

In 2008, Pastor Craig Goodwin and his young family embarked on a year-long experiment to consume only what was local, used, homegrown, or homemade. In Year of Plenty, Goodwin shares the winsome story of how an average suburban family stumbled onto the cultural cutting edge of locavores, backyard chickens, farmers markets, simple living, and going… Continue reading Year of Plenty

Go Green, Save Green

Many people want to “go green” but put it off because they believe it’s too time consuming and too expensive. Not so! Nancy Sleeth and her family have been living an eco-friendly lifestyle for years saving both time and money. Now, for the first time, she divulges hundreds of practical, easy-to-implement steps that you can… Continue reading Go Green, Save Green

Serve God, Save the Planet

Not long ago, J. Matthew Sleeth had a fantastic life and a great job as chief of the medical staff at a large hospital. He was living the American dream—until he saw an increasing number of his patients suffering from cancer, asthma, and other chronic diseases. He began to suspect that the Earth and its… Continue reading Serve God, Save the Planet

It’s Easy Being Green

You’ve probably heard the story of the garden of Eden—the paradise that God created for humans to live in. There was plenty of room for everyone, there were trees and flowers and plenty of food. When you look out your window today you don’t see the paradise God intended for us. This world is crowded,… Continue reading It’s Easy Being Green

Hope for Creation Guidebook

In this interactive companion to the Hope for Creation DVD, Dr. Matthew Sleeth provides personal questions, practical applications, and additional content to help Christ’s followers dig deeper into the creation care lessons of Sessions 1-6—Light, Water, Soil, Heavens, Animals, and Man.

Hope for Humanity Guidebook

In this interactive companion to the Hope for Humanity DVD, Dr. Matthew Sleeth provides personal questions, practical applications, and additional content to help Christ’s followers dig deeper into the creation care actions highlighted in Sessions 7-12—Rest, Work, Give, Share, Teach, and Hope.

The Green Bible

Read the scriptures anew with The Green Bible as your guide. With its eco-friendly materials, Green Trail Guide, topical index and inspirational essays, discover how caring for the earth is not only a calling, but a lifestyle. The Green Bible will equip and encourage you to see God”s vision for creation and help you engage… Continue reading The Green Bible

Pollution and the Death of Man

The Bible is clear: mankind was meant to exercise godly domination over the earth. Yet today men mine valuable resources by whatever method brings the greatest profit in the shortest time, leaving the earth ravaged. They hunt and fish for pleasure, not food, leaving animal carcasses behind to rot. They worship self and ignore the… Continue reading Pollution and the Death of Man

For the Beauty of the Earth

Thomas Aquinas once stated that “any error about creation also leads to an error about God.” At a time when it seems humans have erred much in their treatment of the planet, this book explores the relationship between Christianity and the natural world in the most thorough evangelical treatment available on a theology of creation… Continue reading For the Beauty of the Earth


Earthwise is about living in harmony with the natural world around us—and sharing the joy of this living. Sadly, our ways of life in today”s global economy have led to increasing land and habitat destruction, pollution, species extinction, buildup of “greenhouse gases,” and other degradations of the earth. But rather than grovel and wring our… Continue reading Earth-Wise

Green Like God

Imagine God recycling bottles and planting trees. In this book by faith and culture writer Jonathan Merritt, God is honored as the ultimate environmentalist who restores and loves His own creation. Evangelical Christians are less supportive of environmental causes than other groups, a statistic that Merritt attributes to misinformation and politics that hamper understanding. Through… Continue reading Green Like God