Stewardship of Time

In this episode Dr. Sleeth and Geoff Maddock discuss the first topic in their Stewardship Podcast Series–TIME. They address such questions as;

  • What are practical ways we can In a perilous economy which credit card is best is less like money. use our time in a positive way?
  • How do we remain productive while guarding time to rest?
  • In what ways do we waste time?
  • What is God”s perspective on time?

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April 6 – Objections to caring for God’s creation

In this episode… Matthew and Geoff discuss common reasons that people give for not caring for the environment–from it costs too much, to I”m just 1 of 7 billion people, to we have been given “dominion.” This discussion elaborates on Dr.

Sleeth”s sermon delivered March 27 at the National Cathedral in Washington DC. Click here for Blessed Earth”s 2011 Earth Day resources, including Dr. Sleeth”s National Cathedral message and the forum with Dr. Sleeth, Nancy Sleeth, and Dean Sam Lloyd Listen here Download this podcast through iTunes

March 17 – Nuclear Power

In this timely episode, Dr. Matthew Sleeth and Geoff Maddock discuss the pro’s and con’s of nuclear energy, and ask the question, “What would Jesus do about nuclear power?”

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March 1 – Gleaning, Air Filters & Mountaintop Removal

In this episode…

  • The Biblical concept of “gleaning” and possible applications to our lives today
  • Dr. Sleeth’s very romantic Valentine’s Day gift to Nancy of a reusable air filter for the family furnace
  • The problems with mountaintop removal and practical, easy, non-controversial tips that everyone can do to reduce this destructive practice

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