Getting Green With God

By Jesse Chambers of the Birmingham Weekly Environmentalism must be getting popular if even Jesus is going green. And he is, big time, as an increasing number of American churchgoers come out of the closet as tree huggers. There is a growing environmental awareness even among evangelical Christians, despite the fact that this demographic —… Continue reading Getting Green With God

Choosing good green living

By Sharon Thompson, The Lexington Herald-Leader WILMORE — Nancy Sleeth doesn’t use her oven very often. At least not her conventional oven. Instead, she turns to her more energy-efficient toaster oven, microwave and convection oven. When Sleeth bakes bread, she uses a bread machine. She also uses fresh ingredients and avoids processed foods. Her pantry… Continue reading Choosing good green living

Caring for a Green Planet

By Rev. The Hon. Dr. Gordon Moyes, A.C., M.L.C. The influential evangelical leader in the USA, Chuck Colson, recently broadcast on the subject ( Christians don’t have to let concern for the environment—that is, concern for God’s creation—be hijacked by those who are hostile to our beliefs. Nancy Sleeth’s approach is a perfect example. Sleeth… Continue reading Caring for a Green Planet

Evangelical Leaders Going Green?

For years, legitimate environmental concerns have been wrongly exploited by activists — left and right, non-Christian and Christian. In fact, the majority of serious global environmental issues have been neglected because of politics. The “hippies” of the 70s adopted an all-or-nothing agenda of liberal ideas which happened to include environmental issues. Of course, the right-wing… Continue reading Evangelical Leaders Going Green?

Houghton College Partners with Blessed Earth to Go Green

  Blessed Earth teamed up with Houghton College for the 2008-2009 academic year to help establish a model of how a culture can shift throughout a Christian college campus.   Throughout the year, our executive director Matthew Sleeth spent one week every two months sharing the creation care message.  Working with every constituency and venue… Continue reading Houghton College Partners with Blessed Earth to Go Green

Chuck Colson: ‘Common-Sense Environmentalism’

Common-Sense Environmentalism By Chuck Colson A recent discussion on our blog, The Point, demonstrated how uneasy many Christians feel about environmentalism…. Some of our commenters were bothered by our bringing up a subject that’s largely considered to belong to the left wing. I can see where they’re coming from. I’ve said before on BreakPoint how… Continue reading Chuck Colson: ‘Common-Sense Environmentalism’

Small Changes, Big Impact

By John Humphreys All of us want to help God’s world — reaching out to the dispossessed and impoverished, fighting to keep the beauty of His creation unsullied — but the devil is always in the details. We have to work within the constraints of our lifestyle, our relationships and our pocketbooks and begin to… Continue reading Small Changes, Big Impact

It’s time for us to go green

By Michelle Bearden, Tampa Tribune It is easy being green. At least that”s how I”m feeling after a conversation with Nancy Sleeth. I”m ready to compost a garden, ban plastic bottles, buy only organic, bicycle to work and give up air conditioning. OK, the reality is this: I would like to do those things, but… Continue reading It’s time for us to go green

Going green for God

By Gina Dalfonzo, The Point Yesterday I spoke on the phone with Nancy Sleeth. Sleeth and her husband, Matthew, are the founders of Blessed Earth, “an educational nonprofit that inspires and equips faith communities to become better stewards of the earth.” Matthew Sleeth was an emergency room physician who was becoming concerned about what he… Continue reading Going green for God

God’s Green Earth

By Liesl Schillinger, New York Times In the beginning was the Word. In the Old Testament, it was black; in some editions of the New Testament, it was red — when the words of Jesus were cited. But not until now has the Word been green. “The Green Bible,” printed on eco-friendly recycled paper, with… Continue reading God’s Green Earth

The ‘green’ commandment

Kentucky doctor says caring for Earth is not an option for Christians, it’s a responsibility By Peter Smith, Louisville Courier-Journal “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” And the verse was printed in green. And so were more than 1,000 other Bible verses that deal with Earth and all things that live… Continue reading The ‘green’ commandment

New tool for ‘green’ Christians: ecofriendly Bible

By Jane Lampman, Christian Science Monitor Can a “green” Bible bring more of the Christian community into the growing “creation care” movement? Many people of faith, including young Evangelicals, hope so. This past weekend, Christian college students from across the US kicked off an effort to become catalysts for environmental action on campuses and in… Continue reading New tool for ‘green’ Christians: ecofriendly Bible

People have duty to care for Earth, summit speakers say

by Aaron Ogg, The Grand Rapids Press Humans’ “moral responsibility” is to help the poor by being good stewards of the Earth, Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer said. He told more than three dozen people at Calvin College on Saturday that climate change and U.S. energy consumption are related and are “a very serious… Continue reading People have duty to care for Earth, summit speakers say

ACU Summit speaker stresses importance of environmental stewardship

By Brian Bethel, The Abilene Reporter News When he worked as an emergency medical doctor, J. Matthew Sleeth, executive director of Blessed Earth, wasn’t much of a believer in matters spiritual or environmental. Sleeth was at the height of his career living on the coast of Maine, “head of an ER, having a really great… Continue reading ACU Summit speaker stresses importance of environmental stewardship