Christian Colleges’ Green Revolution

  From the cafeteria to the classroom, students are learning to be environmentally conscious. By Cindy Crosby for Christianity Today Flush twice. It’s required at Calvin College’s Vincent and Helen Bunker Interpretive Center’s restrooms; once before, once after. The flushed water, which is the consistency of a bubble bath, washes waste to an underground room.… Continue reading Christian Colleges’ Green Revolution

Finding My Religion

By David Ian Miller, The San Francisco Chronicle Scientists and evangelicals — it seems a safe bet they’d be on opposite sides of almost any issue. But last week Harvard scientists and evangelical Christian leaders publicly joined forces to battle global warming. “We believe that the protection of life on Earth is a profound moral… Continue reading Finding My Religion

The Gospel of J. Matthew

An interview with J. Matthew Sleeth, evangelical environmentalist and author By David Roberts, Grist Q. Describe the personal journey that led you to write this book. A. My background is in medicine, as an emergency-room doctor. I was director of an ER and chief of staff of a hospital.  When my wife and I were… Continue reading The Gospel of J. Matthew

Evangelizing for the Earth

Conservative Christians are getting involved in environmental causes. By WENDY LYONS SUNSHINE – (9/27/06) Look around you, the physician told the group at the Texas Christian University student center. Half of the two dozen or so folks in the room, he said, probably will get some kind of cancer eventually. “The answer is not to… Continue reading Evangelizing for the Earth

Going Green with God

THE WASHINGTON TIMES Originally published 09:46 p.m., August 22, 2006, updated 12:00 a.m., August 23, 2006 Most Americans would say Dr. J. Matthew Sleeth had the good life. He was a physician, drove a fancy car, owned a nice home and shared it all with a family. But something was missing, he says. In his… Continue reading Going Green with God