Picking up Trash on the Road to Creation Care

We live in the country, and we got into the business of picking up trash by keeping our own road cleaned up—something we’ve done for many years. Now we’re in our mid seventies and retired, and to keep ourselves active we walk on nearby country roads, and we figure that if we’re going to walk,… Continue reading Picking up Trash on the Road to Creation Care

Save Our Hemlocks

“I go among trees and sit still.” Thus begins Wendell Berry’s cycle of “Sabbath Poems,” conceived and written, according to Berry, in silence, solitude, and often in the outdoors. Berry’s reflection flows naturally from the directive of Psalm 46 to “be still and know that I am God.” On October 22, 2011, a small group… Continue reading Save Our Hemlocks

Blessing the Animals as They Bless Us

Living in central Texas these days means heat, drought, and wildfires. The last month was particularly devastating as fires ravaged areas around Austin where we have lived years. As a person deeply involved in dog rescue, considering the plight of pets in homes threatened by wildfires is agonizing. Sometimes the fires come so quickly there… Continue reading Blessing the Animals as They Bless Us

Carpool Prayers

Recently I organized a United Methodist Women’s Retreat on the theme of creation care. Nancy Sleeth was our retreat leader, and through discussion of the Blessed Earth Hope for Creation film series, we had time to swap stories and share ideas. I told the group about how living green through carpooling allowed me to pray… Continue reading Carpool Prayers

Sharing the Stuff We Have

I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Texas in the spring of 2008, and proceeded directly into graduate school in Asian Cultures and Languages. As I was finishing up school that May, I had been helping my college ministry put on some different events when a somewhat regular experience launched me onto a… Continue reading Sharing the Stuff We Have

The Great Omission

I was born and raised in wild and wonderful Hedgesville, West Virginia. We had plenty of greenery, a creek in the backyard, and plenty of old dirt roads; it was a country boy’s heaven. Yet even with all that natural beauty around me, I thought it wasn’t for me. See, I thought living out in… Continue reading The Great Omission

Eating Mercifully

Christians today find it easier to perceive the bread and wine in Holy Communion as the body of Christ than as food. Yet, Holy Communion is based on an actual meal Jesus ate with His disciples. While the liturgical elements of Holy Communion are surely important, we should not forget its humble beginnings as a… Continue reading Eating Mercifully

Green Jesus, the Meaning of Easter

Last month, I was fortunate to hear Dr. Matthew Sleeth speak at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. Afterwards, I spoke with his wife, Nancy, and she encouraged me to share this reflection on the meaning of Easter. The essay, originally written for the young people in a friend’s mixed Christian-Jewish congregation, appeared in the… Continue reading Green Jesus, the Meaning of Easter

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Where Faith Meets Fair Trade

“One soy-latte decaf Irish cream coming right up.” It’s my second time into Come Together Trading and already barista/owner Terry Marshall remembers my order. Easing into a comfortable chair, I sip coffee from the Ecotainer compostable cup and soak in my surroundings. Students cluster at one table; writers use free Wi-Fi at another. Piles of… Continue reading Where Faith Meets Fair Trade

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Call Me a Beginner

Call me a beginner. Having been raised in the densely populated city of Manila, I grew up with a vivid awareness of the myriad of human need, urgent and seemingly eclipsing of environmental concerns. As with triage, crises that called for immediate help rightfully take priority. I couldn’t help wondering if passionate concern for the… Continue reading Call Me a Beginner

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An Earth Day Connection

I’m not a big Facebooker, but I think I understand the psychology of why 500 million people have a Facebook account. It comes down to one word: Connection. Even if a Facebook friend isn’t necessarily a real friend, in an age of technology, people want to feel connected. Last year’s Blessed Earth Simulcast created a… Continue reading An Earth Day Connection

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The Question That Haunts Me

[reposted with permission from the blog Alien Nation by Reverend Darin Collins] “When asked by pollsters, 90 percent of Americans identify themselves as ‘kinder than average.’ If we say we care about the least in the kingdom, if we identify ourselves as ‘kinder than average,’ if we see ourselves as responsible stewards of nature, then… Continue reading The Question That Haunts Me