Picking up Trash on the Road to Creation Care

We live in the country, and we got into the business of picking up trash by keeping our own road cleaned up—something we’ve done for many years. Now we’re in our mid seventies and retired, and to keep ourselves active we walk on nearby country roads, and we figure that if we’re going to walk,… Continue reading Picking up Trash on the Road to Creation Care

A Call to Simplicity

[reposted with permission from Seeing Creation, a blog by Chuck Summers and Rob Sheppard.] One of my best friends called me a few minutes ago to seek advice on eliminating some clutter in his life. With his wife’s help he had come to the conclusion that he had accumulated too much stuff and needed to… Continue reading A Call to Simplicity

Why Should Christians Care?

Blessed Earth first came across Lauren Merritt’s radar as she was searching the Internet for like-minded Christians, and quickly recognized Matthew and Nancy Sleeth as kindred souls in the work of glorifying God through preserving his creation. Two years ago she began a blog titled “The Christian and Creation,” which came as a result of… Continue reading Why Should Christians Care?

More Than Enough

We Have More Than Enough Because God’s Creations Do Not Enough. God blessed me with a wildlife career including living and working in Africa for many years. Amidst limited material resources there was abundant faith and gratitude for God’s creations. Moving back to America has challenged my husband and I to retain what we learned… Continue reading More Than Enough

Loving the Forest

Photo by Jeff Rogers I have always loved the forest. Ever since I was a child, I have loved walking through the woods, simply exploring. This fascination eventually led me to more serious hiking and backpacking, especially in my native Alabama, where oak, hickory, sweet gum, tulip tree, and white pine are abundant and accessible.… Continue reading Loving the Forest

Cheering Trees

Several years ago I had the opportunity to work in Glacier National Park. I arrived before my coworkers and was instantly able to connect with the secrets of the land. By late May, the sun gets hot enough to melt the high snows, and the mountain faces weep with untamed streams and waterfalls on their… Continue reading Cheering Trees

The Power of a Nap

Life post-college was really difficult for me. I was jobless. I was single. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I felt like there was a bar set for life – and somehow, I was falling short. So I set out, determined to meet all the expectations set by the world. I was… Continue reading The Power of a Nap

Excitement of Silence

I’ve been hoping for something new and exciting to happen in my life. I’ve come to the conclusion that interesting things need to be sought, because if you wait around, they generally don’t happen on their own. I found that my community (I live in a house of two couples and a single adult) did… Continue reading Excitement of Silence

Action through Art

Last May, Dr. Sleeth and his daughter Emma gave two chapel talks at Biola College, just outside of Los Angeles. Here’s a letter we just received from one of the students. Glad to know that our words, given by the Holy Spirit, affect young people’s lives, with such beautiful results: Hi Dr. Sleeth, I am… Continue reading Action through Art

Why Be a Nature Lover?

I am currently reading Matthew Sleeth’s newest book, The Gospel According to the Earth: Why the Good Book is a Green Book. Overall, it seems to do a good job of showing the biblical basis for Creation Care. For that reason I commend it to you. In a chapter called “God the Creator” Sleeth says… Continue reading Why Be a Nature Lover?

Your Story: Reflection on ‘Hope for Creation’

Our family participated in Blessed Earth’s Hope for Creation simulcast in April. We were thrilled to have access to such an exciting opportunity — all the way in Central America. And who would have thought that Blessed Earth could place a “dot” on the map for Costa Rica!? We enjoyed the worship music with Northland… Continue reading Your Story: Reflection on ‘Hope for Creation’

A Call to Care

After hearing Matthew speak about creation care and how much God was embodied in nature, we (my wife along with the other couple we live with in our communal house) decided to implement some sustainable changes so we would live more simply.  We began several experiments, including learning how to compost, make cheese, collect rainwater,… Continue reading A Call to Care