Earth Day 2012

“Make Earth Day a Church Day”
April 22, 2012

Earth Day falls on Sunday this year, and people around the world will be celebrating Earth Week events April 16-22.  Here are some simple tools YOU can help make Earth Day a Church Day in your community:

Before Earth Day…


Earth Day Events
Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tune in to the live broadcast of the events below.  Or, on Sunday evening, gather together to view highlights of Blessed Earth’s National Cathedral events (available mid-afternoon) as a congregation or with a small group.

*  8:45 – Worship Service at the National Cathedral

Blessed Earth Executive Director, Matthew Sleeth, MD, will deliver the sermon message: Are Christians Blessing or Cursing the Earth—A Call to Action. Following Jesus is good for the planet—or should be.  This radical principle is bringing together prophets and poets, Cathedrals and coalitions that might just be our last, best hope for saving the world. live broadcast

*  10:15 – Forum

Blessed Earth Director Matthew Sleeth and several Presidents of the nation’s largest and most influential seminaries will be officially launching the new Seminary Stewardship Alliance, a coalition pledging to preach, teach, live, and inspire creation care principles as they train our future church leaders.  Dr. Sleeth will then host a conversation with internationally acclaimed poet, farmer, and activist Wendell Berry on why the church must take a leadership role in caring for God’s creation.  live broadcast

*  11:15 – Second Worship Service at the National Cathedral

See 8:45 service description.  live broadcast

*  1:00 – Luncheon Honoring Wendell Berry

Blessed Earth, The Washington National Cathedral, the National Religious Coalition for Creation Care, and the Earth Day Network are co-sponsoring this invitation-only luncheon, where Wendell Berry will be honored with the Steward of God’s Creation Award.  Noted writer and activist Bill McKibben will help us present this annual award.

* Time TBD – Matthew Sleeth to speak live for the Earth Day Network on the Washington Mall

Dr. Sleeth will join other internationally renowned environmental figures when he speaks on stage at the Earth Day Network’s live celebration on the National Mall. For more information, please check out the Earth Day Network.

After Earth Day…


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