Blessed Earth and Friends Approach Earth Day with Creativity, Good Stewardship Practices

Blessed Earth and friends are finding creative ways to practice good stewardship this Spring as we approach earth day (April 22nd).  Keith Jagger ( contributor) sent us this photo from St. Andrews, Scotland where he is currently working on his PhD.


From the press release to mark this tree planting effort:

 “The special event marked the culmination of a major effort to plant 600 trees across the University grounds.  Organised by Transition St Andrews, staff , students and local school children have been planting their individual contribution to the University’s living history – with each tree planted representing a year of the University’s history since teaching began in 1411.

The University is committed to developing sustainable solutions to global concerns at both theoretical and practical levels, and the 600 trees for 600 years project is a reflection of this focus on sustainability.  Transition hopes that the planting will reinforce their vision of an “edible campus”, with trees and shrubs planted for both practical as well as ornamental use.”

What a wonderful testament to stability, sustainability, and the role of institutions to demonstrate good stewardship. Click here to read more.

Closer to home, two different college groups visited Lexington on consecutive Saturdays to help plant and cultivate urban gardens.  On Saturday April 6th a team of students from Berea College travelled up to Lexington and planted trees at the London Ferrell Community Garden.  This was a shared initiative organized by Blessed Earth, Seedleaf, and Town Branch Tree Experts.


Dr Richard Olsen and students plant 7 cherry trees.


The urban orchard grows larger thanks to Berea students at the London Ferrill Community Garden.


The following Saturday (13th) a group of 17 students and faculty from Asbury University worked with Geoff and Sherry Maddock at their Urban Farm (The 4th Street Farm).  Geoff works part time for Blessed Earth and he and Sherry serve as missionaries in the East End neighborhood in downtown Lexington.   The Asbury team were a great help tending and dressing trees with compost.  They also built a compost bin and thinned seedlings while learning about the intersection of Christian mission and agriculture.

We hope you are also finding ways to give glory to God by caring for creation this Spring.


Asbury University students get a tour of the East End neighborhood.


Peach trees bloom in the urban orchard at London Ferrill Community Garden.


Students hear the story of the 4th St. Farm.


After a morning of hard work: Dr Ray Smith, Dr Marty Bilderbach, and Ann Witherington with students from their Mission Farm seminar at Asbury University.


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