Finding Paradise in Paradise

HIM Conference 2016
HIM Conference 2016Matthew wearing a traditional Hawaiian leis during his plenary talk for the Hawaiian Islands Ministries’ GREATER Conference

I love Maine. We raised our children there. I practiced medicine there. I found Jesus there. I’d love to go back and live there, but not in the winter. During the long shifts in the ER when the snow drifted and the sun set before four, I’d console myself by looking at a picture on the office wall of Hawaii.  I dreamed of one day going to those tropical islands. But Hawaii is a long way from Maine. The trip wasn’t practical with young kids.

When we entered ministry, a trip to Hawaii was out of our economic reach. But as a new Christian, I noticed a pattern.  People often ended up serving in the one place they prayed not to go. It’s biblical. Jonah wanted to go to Joppa, but God and the whale sent him to Nineveh. When a pastor friend of mine entered ministry, he prayed for God to send him anywhere other than a Spanish-speaking community; he’s now the head of a seminary in Venezuela and he’s fluent in Spanish.  Another friend began his career telling God that he wanted to serve anywhere but Africa. He told me this at the end of thirty years in Nigeria. So, I prayed (tongue-in-cheek): Lord, send me anywhere but Hawaii. Guess what? The pattern actually holds! I just got back from Oahu and preaching at the Hawaiian Island Ministries (HIM) conference. Don’t feel sorry for me. It wasn’t all work. Before the conference started, Nancy and I took several days to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary on the less populated northern end of the island.   We took some great hikes, including a little-used trail to a stunning lookout over Sunset Beach.

But it wasn’t until we returned to Honolulu and were in the presence a few thousand brothers and sisters in Christ that we truly experienced paradise. The hospitality at the HIM conference was extraordinary: People we had never met asked us out to breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  A girl gave me a drawing inspired by one of my talks.  And everywhere there was a palpable, deep hunger to hear God’s Word.

We all need to thank God for putting us in ministry wherever we are. So regardless of where you are reading this, ask yourself, How is my ministry going? Use these questions to assess and reflect:

  • Have you asked someone new home to dinner in the last month?
  • Have you given a Bible away yet this year?
  • Are you praying regularly for someone at your workplace?
  • Have you used what you gave up this Lent as an opportunity to witness about what Jesus sacrificed for our salvation?

It’s nice to go places and meet new brothers and sisters, but God is everywhere. Jesus told us to go out in the world and spread the Gospel.  Wherever you are, you’re out in the world. Spread the Good News!  I’ll be praying for you.

“Mahalo!” to our new friends in the Pacific Ocean.