North Carolina Creation Care Year Continues to Inspire

2013-09-08 18.22.38 Dr. Matthew and Nancy Sleeth had a diverse and productive visit to Asheville, North Carolina in early September. On Thursday, September 5, Dr. Sleeth gave the keynote address for the Western North Carolina Alliance Annual Conference. The Sleeths spent the next several days hiking and exploring Asheville. On Sunday, Dr. Sleeth preached at First Presbyterian Church of Asheville. That evening, he shared 24/6 and Sabbath keeping with over 100 attendees at an evening discussion at First Baptist Church. After his lecture, he participated in a panel discussion with Anna Jane Joyner, of the Western North Carolina Alliance, and Dr. Guy Sayles, pastor of First Baptist. Dr. Sleeth wrapped up his trip on Monday morning by speaking about Sabbath practices with several dozen clergy at First Baptist Church.

Below are images of audience discussion and participation. 2013-09-08 18.33.01 2013-09-08 18.33.25 2013-09-08 18.33.11