Update from India!

Hello, everyone! Val and I have been having many adventures in the last few weeks.  We’ve visited patients, celebrated birthdays, gotten to rest a bit, and worked hard in the office.  Some of my favorite things from the past few weeks: This week I went to Dr. Grace’s nephew’s first birthday party.  Jonah is so… Continue reading Update from India!

A Broken Promise

 Two decades ago, I took care of a young asthmatic girl in the emergency room.  It was a hot summer day, and Etta was having a severe asthma attack.  I promised her that I would not let her die. Etta was not my first asthma patient, nor would she be my last.  In the last… Continue reading A Broken Promise

Going green for God

By Gina Dalfonzo, The Point Yesterday I spoke on the phone with Nancy Sleeth. Sleeth and her husband, Matthew, are the founders of Blessed Earth, “an educational nonprofit that inspires and equips faith communities to become better stewards of the earth.” Matthew Sleeth was an emergency room physician who was becoming concerned about what he… Continue reading Going green for God

From a Mother’s Heart

Upon receiving a missive from our daughter, Emma, and our son’s girlfriend, Val, in India, a friend just wrote to me: After reading the bit about the mosquito bites, I have to ask you, altogether seriously, how are you doing??? Thank you for asking, Mattie. Emma has such a blistering mass on her arm that… Continue reading From a Mother’s Heart

Miracles for Our Family

Our family’s environmental journey has paralleled our faith journey. As we try to live out what it means to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves, we feel inspired to live more simply. The first and most important miracle is that we all came to… Continue reading Miracles for Our Family

The Trip to Delhi

Hello, all! Val and I arrived back to Chennai yesterday from a excursion to Delhi. Seven of us from the Dean Foundation drove up for an international conference on palliative care that took place on the 13th-15th (all in one van–we got to know each other really well). One night we drove until 4:00 am… Continue reading The Trip to Delhi

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God’s Green Earth

By Liesl Schillinger, New York Times In the beginning was the Word. In the Old Testament, it was black; in some editions of the New Testament, it was red — when the words of Jesus were cited. But not until now has the Word been green. “The Green Bible,” printed on eco-friendly recycled paper, with… Continue reading God’s Green Earth

Will Christians Save the Planet?

By J. Matthew Sleeth, MD The news of Greenland’s melting icecap is the latest in a long list of scientific warnings. In 1992, hundreds of the world’s leading scientists, including the majority of living Nobel laureates, signed a joint declaration titled “The World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity.” These 1,600 scientists accurately predicted the magnitude of… Continue reading Will Christians Save the Planet?

Letter from India

Dear friends, I am writing from the Dean Foundation, the organization in India where my friend Val and are currently volunteering. We have only been here a little over a week, but we have both already learned so much. The Foundation provides hospice and palliative care to the terminally ill, both at the out-patient clinic… Continue reading Letter from India

Back to the Basics

What a difference a month makes… A little over a month ago I attended a Creation Care conference hosted by and CrossPoint Church. I really didn’t know what to expect. Not familiar with any of the speakers, I hoped I would not get sucked into a left-wing, liberal faction. What I found, however, was a… Continue reading Back to the Basics


This Tuesday I was walking to the library to do a little bit of studying before class when I saw one of my friends running across campus over to Asbury Seminary on the other side of the street. Her backpack was bouncing up and down because she was running so fast and she was so… Continue reading thanksgiving

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a call to social justice

A week ago I got to hear Shane Claiborne, author The Irresistible Revolution, speak at my college. I’d heard about him before and my parents know him, but it was my first chance to meet him in person. I was thoroughly “wowed.” He is a gifted public speaker with a real heart for social justice.… Continue reading a call to social justice

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The ‘green’ commandment

Kentucky doctor says caring for Earth is not an option for Christians, it’s a responsibility By Peter Smith, Louisville Courier-Journal “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” And the verse was printed in green. And so were more than 1,000 other Bible verses that deal with Earth and all things that live… Continue reading The ‘green’ commandment