Creation Care Links

Please see below for links to other valuable creation care resources on the internet.

A Rocha – A Rocha is a Christian conservation organization whose projects are cross cultural in character and share a community emphasis, with a focus on science and research, practical conservation, and environmental education.

Blessed Earth Southeast – Inspiring and equiping people of faith to become better stewards of the earth.

Blessed Tomorrow -Blessed Tomorrow is a coalition of diverse religious partners united as faithful stewards of creation. Together, we inspire our communities to take action today on one of the greatest moral challenges of our era — protecting our shared home.

Care of Creation – Care of Creation, a Christian environmental
organization seeking to awaken and mobilize the church to care for God’s creation in the face of environmental crises that are devastating vast areas of the world and hurting our brothers and sisters.

Center for Religion and Environment at Sewanee – Believing that caring for creation and responding to the current environmental crisis is primarily a spiritual task, the Center for Religion and Environment (CRE) offers programs and resources integrating nature contemplation, creation inclusive theology, and environmental ethics for individuals, faith communities, and the University.

Creation Care Reading Room – The Creation Care Reading Room is a page hosted by Tyndale Seminary. The Reading Room is designed to provide creation care resources to those without access to a theological library.

Ecotheo Review -Their mission is the change your narrative about faith and ecology. The EcoTheo Review does this by being the premier digital clearinghouse for faith and ecology. We’re focused on three broad areas for engagement: writing, arts, and education.

Eden Reforestation Projects – Eden Reforestation Projects focuses on poverty reduction through environmental stewardship. They do this by pursuing holistic solutions to the complex problems behind environmental destruction.

Evangelical Environmental Network – EEN seeks to educate, equip, inspire, and mobilize Christians in their effort to care for God’s creation and to be faithful stewards of God’s provision. They also publicize Creation Care Magazine.

Green Jesus – Green Jesus is a project aimed at helping Jesus’ community take seriously their responsibility to care for God’s creation in sustainable, worshipful, and biblically-centered ways.

Interfaith Power and Light – Interfaith Power and Light is mobilizing a religious response to global warming in congregations through the promotion of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and conservation.

National Religious Partnership for the Environment – NRPE was founded in 1993 to weave the mission of care for God’s creation across all areas of organized religion. Their faith-based environmental programs reflect spiritual and biblical teachings.

Plant With Purpose – Plant With Purpose works to transform lives in rural areas where poverty is caused by deforestation. They aim to heal the relationship between people and their environment by planting trees, implementing sustainable agricultural programs, creating economic opportunity by micro-enterprise, and encouraging spiritual renewal.

Rethink Church – is committed to honoring God’s call to be faithful stewards of the earth and its resources.

Young Evangelicals for Climate Action – We are young evangelicals in the United States who are coming together and taking action to overcome the climate crisis as part of our Christian discipleship and witness.