Serving God, Saving the Planet Film Series

Julia Burnett“No matter how you structure your time together, I’m sure you will find that the media, visuals, and scripture all work together to enrich the entire experience. I am forever changed because of this study!”
Julia Burnett, Centenary UMC (Lexington, KY)


How many sessions?

The Serving God, Saving the Planet film series is a 12-week DVD/guidebook curriculum. Each week, participants view one of the 12 films, utilizing the accompanying guidebook for group discussion and outside study.

In Serving God, Saving the Planet Dr. Matthew Sleeth explores his personal salvation experience and desire to follow Jesus in the context of the love story God tells in Genesis 1. In the first six sessions, Dr. Sleeth guides us through each of the created elements—Light, Water, Soil, Heavens, Animals, and Man—and reminds us of our God-given commission to “tend and protect the planet.”

In the second six sessions, Dr. Matthew Sleeth examines how God’s original command to “tend and protect the planet” extends into the actions and activities of our everyday lives. In these sessions, Dr. Sleeth advocates a spiritually and environmentally sustainable lifestyle, focusing on six key actions—Rest, Work, Give, Share, Teach, and Hope. As members of the body of Christ, we serve as the hands and feet of God on the earth.

What are the benefits?

It’s time for us to reclaim our role in God’s creation story and accept with excitement our 031068871x_30_imagecalling to “save the planet” for the sake of Jesus Christ.

The Blessed Earth film series inspires Christians to see creation care as a truly biblical call, and equips groups with practical steps to take action in their homes, churches and communities.

The time to act is now. By imitating Jesus and following Him wholeheartedly, the church will become the strongest proponent for “saving the planet.” And our care, compassion, and joyful generosity will breathe hope into a world longing for redemption.

How do I order a copy?

You can order the Blessed Earth film series online today! If your church or group is unable to afford the curriculum, we are able to provide a free set of films and guidebooks for your group.

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