Speaking Requests

Blessed Earth has several sought-after speakers that are available to speak at your event. If you would like to request a speaker, contact Emily Ott, Travel Coordinator at Emily@blessedearth.org and he will be happy to set up a phone call to learn more about your event and how we can best resource you.

If you would like to invite Dr. Matthew Sleeth to speak,

Please contact Emily Ott at Emily@blessedearth.org

Dr. Sleeth giving the keynote at the 2015 Kentucky Governor’s Prayer Breakfast

Our Speakers:

About Matthew Sleeth, MD

A former emergency room physician, Dr. Matthew Sleeth felt like he was straightening deck chairs on the Titanic saving one patient at a time while the whole ship (Earth) was going down. Together with his wife and two teenaged children, he began to bring his lifestyle in line with his values, cutting back on their fossil fuel by two thirds and electricity use by nine tenths. Following a new calling, Dr. Sleeth resigned from his position as chief of the medical staff and director of the ER to teach, preach, and write about faith and the environment throughout the country. Dr. Sleeth is a graduate of George Washington University School of Medicine and has two post doctoral fellowships. He is the author of Serve God and Save the Planet: A Christian Call to Action (Zondervan, 2007), the introduction to the Green Bible (HarperOne, 2008), 24/6: A Prescription for a Healthier, Happier Life (Tyndale, 2012), and Dr. Sleeth’s newest book Reforesting Faith: What Trees Teach Us about the Nature of God and His Love for Us.

Dr. Sleeth is available to speak from the pulpit, at college chapels, and at faith-based and environmental conferences. Dr. Sleeth focuses on the scriptural call for creation care, trees, and the 24/6 life of Sabbatical rest.

About Nancy Sleeth

Nancy Sleeth, co-founder of Blessed Earth, is author of Go Green, Save Green and Almost Amish: One Woman’s Quest for a Slower, Simpler, More Sustainable Life. Nancy focuses on practical action. She leads two scripturally-based workshops:

  • “Teach the Teacher” workshops, which equip churches to lead creation care classes and green teams using the Blessed Earth short-film curricula
  • “Good Steward Workshop,” where participants leave with a specific, individualized plan for leading a more simple, sustainable life this day, this week, this month and this year

Nancy is also available to speak at college chapels and environmental and faith-based conferences, classes, and workshops.  Prior to heeding her family’s spiritual and environmental calling, Sleeth served as communications director for a Fortune 500 company and as an educator and administrator, most recently at Asbury University. Sleeth is a graduate of Georgetown University and holds a masters degree in journalism. Married to Matthew Sleeth for three decades, she is the mother of Clark, who is preparing for a calling in missionary medicine, and Emma, author of It’s Easy Being Green.

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About Ryan Bennett

Ryan holds a Master’s in Divinity from Asbury Seminary and pastors a large church in Tennessee. Along with his wife, Heather, a communications professional who has a passionate interest in environmental stewardship, Ryan has taken a lead role in his denomination’s creation care efforts.

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About Heather Bennet

Heather has a master’s in sustainability from Lipscomb University and served as manager of social media communications for the United Methodist Church denomination.

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