5 Myths About the Environmental Impacts of Plastic

From the University of Michigan and Shelie A. Miller: “Stand in the soda pop aisle at the supermarket, surrounded by rows of brightly colored plastic bottles and metal cans, and it’s easy to conclude that the main environmental problem here is an overabundance of single-use containers: If we simply recycled more of them, we’d go… Continue reading 5 Myths About the Environmental Impacts of Plastic

A Picnic for All Occasions

For Mother’s Day this year, my family knew what would bring me the most joy: a picnic. My husband, Matthew, served as sous chef. Our daughter, Emma, made the fruit salad and homemade bread. Clark brought his wife, Valerie, along with her extraordinary storytelling abilities. The evening air was punctuated with cheers from a friendly… Continue reading A Picnic for All Occasions

Sabbath Bread

In her book, Mudhouse Sabbath*, Lauren Winner writes about how the Sabbath shapes the entire week. In Exodus, God tells us to remember the Sabbath. And in Deuteronomy, we are told to observe the Sabbath. Winner says that, for Jews, the first half of the week is spent remembering the preceding Sabbath while the second… Continue reading Sabbath Bread

A Place at the Table

Last month, we had John and Margo from the Wildlands Network over for dinner. John is doing an east coast trek to raise awareness about the need for wildlife corridors in North America. One of their staff members follows Blessed Earth on Twitter and Facebook, and she asked if John could stop by while he… Continue reading A Place at the Table

Salad Season!

Spring has arrived with gusto in Kentucky. We are still having lots of rain and some cool days but the green life everywhere is a treat for the eyes and soul. We have planted our little backyard garden and are getting excited about being able to eat what we grow ourselves. It always feels like… Continue reading Salad Season!

Eating from the Pantry

I have begun to re-read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and she suggests we consider, “what do I have available to eat?” instead of “what do I want to eat?” This perspective naturally shifts the focus towards eating what is local and in season. There are plenty of options for us during the gardening… Continue reading Eating from the Pantry

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