Creation Care Year

In July 2011, Blessed Earth received a $3.2 million grant for two programs: Creation Care Year (CCY) and the Seminary Stewardship Alliance (SSA). For the 2012–13 CCY, Blessed Earth is partnering with the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, offering a full panel of classes, lectures, sermons, and forums on environmental topics. Throughout this first CCY, Blessed Earth executive director, Matthew Sleeth, MD, is the Cathedral’s monthly guest preacher. To learn more about this Creation Care Year, visit the Blessed Earth-National Cathedral Partnership site. Beginning in 2013, Blessed Earth will partner with the Wesleyan Church. For more

information about this Creation Care Year, visit the Blessed Earth-Wesleyan Church Partnership site. For 2014–15, Blessed Earth has selected the state of North Carolina for our CCY partner. In NC, Blessed Earth will also be working closely with two of our SSA partners, Duke Divinity School and Wake Forest University School of Divinity, which have pledged to teach, preach, model and hold each other accountable for good stewardship practices. To learn more, visit the Blessed Earth-North Carolina Partnership site.