Your Story Guidelines

Here are a few common formats people use for framing their stories:

You may share what led you to feel called to care for the earth, make a change in your own life and/or community, etc. Often these developments will happen as a result of the way someone has experienced life over time.

Reflection on an event or season of life
There are some entries that focus on a particular period of time in life when environmental concerns seem especially significant and compelling, which spurs change.

Challenge to others

people feel called to encourage others to action based on their own positive experiences and growth. We are encouraged by this format, but do note that the Blessed Earth website is a no-guilt zone! 🙂 Challenges should be positively framed around the fruits you’ve experienced as a result of caring for the earth.

We are extremely excited when people check in with us after a few months or a year to let us know how their journeys are going. This format works especially well for small groups, churches, ministries and other organizations.


You should also adhere to these simple guidelines as you put your piece together:

  • The piece should be 500 words or less.
  • If Blessed Earth or the Sleeths have impacted your journey, please let us know how.
  • Your story should be a story — not an overt plug or a sermon. We want the stories to feel personal and paint a picture of what your life looks like before, during, and after your calling to take better care of the earth. These are meant to be “snapshots” of people walking out a creation care lifestyle.
  • The piece should contain no divisive, political or inflammatory language or viewpoints.
  • There should be no reference — even implied — to a commercial/for-profit venture. Exceptions may be made for books or films, at our discretion.
  • Please include a high-resolution photo. Video links are also acceptable, and will be reviewed upon receipt of your piece.