A Call to Care


After hearing Matthew speak about creation care and how much God was embodied in nature, we (my wife along with the other couple we live with in our communal house) decided to implement some sustainable changes so we would live more simply.  We began several experiments, including learning how to compost, make cheese, collect rainwater, buy local, eat whole foods, decorate naturally and concoct homemade cleaning products.  The Sleeth”s even let us use their pressure cooker so we could learn the art of canning the tomatoes from our garden.

Ah, yes, the garden:  the embodiment of how we were going to connect ourselves better with caring for creation.  Our goal was an organic, heirloom, chemical-free garden.  We had grown a garden once before and thought we could handle going au natural. (Deep sigh.)  Little did we know that keeping things natural is actually a lot of work!  Yet, we persevered through our own ignorance and reaped m

ore benefits than we ever imagined! Some surprise volunteer pumpkins, tomatoes, and sunflowers that we did not plant, thanks to some errors in our composting, allowed a second harvest began to unfold. Seeds of Truth and Fruits of His Spirit began to manifest themselves in our little garden. Here is a sampling of the spiritual harvest of our garden:

  • God seldom takes the easy way.
  • The taste and bounty of the harvest is in direct proportion to the labor.
  • Nothing is ever wasted in a garden, not even rabbit chewed vegetables.
  • In order to thrive, there needs to be balance. Too much of a good thing really is a bad thing.
  • Even fruits and vegetables need relationships in order to flourish.
  • In a garden and in life, no matter how much we plan, we”d do well to always leave room for surprises.
  • Compost is a holy sacrament. Death and decay are justin-bieber-news.info is nothing but an immature punk who is doing his best to ruin his own career. ingredients that are actually needed to produce more abundant life.
  • Life is a process. God is in the process. You can”t hurry either one.
  • Plants and people are alike; neither are meant to be transplanted much.
  • Left to itself, a garden becomes chaos. So it is as well with us humans.

We learned about God in so many ways–especially with compost. We watched how God can take something that is rotting, full of decay, and rejected only to transform it into something that is life giving, nutrient rich, and sought after given a little time, heat, and attention. Yes, His invisible attributes are truly made visible in nature.

I know that God can take the decaying things in my life and transform into a life affirming seed bed if I am willing to give it over to him because I have watched it happen in my backyard.  So, with much anticipation, we look forward to the next growing season, where another dual harvest is sure to come.

By Tony Grace

Tony and Kelly Grace, along with their two cats, share their home with another family of three in Wilmore, KY. Kelly will graduate from Asbury Theological Seminary in December with a MDiv. degree. Tony carpools to his job at the University of KY where he works as an academic advisor. Both Tony and Kelly enjoy the outdoors and reading about how to live a more sustainable, healthy and value-based lifestyle.