Creation Care Brings New Life


In January 2008, I retired for the second time from Dow Corning Corporation. Two passions stirred in me: 1) The Hydrogen Economy and 2) The power of small group ministry to transform a church. Since 2000, I had been exploring many different avenues to promote small group ministry.

God brought these two passions together. I had dreamed about installing a PV Solar System on my house, but the cost was prohibitive. Then I discovered a company leasing PV Solar Systems without the upfront cost. About the same time, I wondered what Jesus’ stance was on saving creation. That led me to Serve God, Save the Planet. I invited three good friends to join me. We spent the next five months going through the book and used the workbook that I downloaded from the Blessed Earth website. We then developed a plan to transform the church. We recommended a Green Sanctuary process from another church denomination, but my pastor vetoed it.

My wife had been feeling dissatisfied with our church as well, so after twenty years we found a different church that supports caring for creation. Over the coming year, I actively promoted leasing solar systems, attended public hearings on coal plants, and supported green jobs. My passion to serve God by helping to save the planet was becoming a reality.

Last year, I ordered a PV Solar System from a California company for my home. I decided the greatest impact I could make to advance the Save the Planet message Matthew Sleeth planted in me was to form a new company, Solar Now, LLC. The company’s mission is to research, design and implement 2MW – 5MW PV Solar Energy Plants in communities that felt called to have one. I decided Municipal Airports were the best candidates as they were all losing money and had large tracts of land without trees. The first two airport projects developed were a 5MW PV Solar Energy Plant at the Barstow Municipal Airport in Midland, Michigan and a 3 MW PV Solar Energy Plant at the James Clements Municipal Energy Plant in Bay City, Michigan. Ten more airports may be going solar soon. For individuals, I also developed a Smart Meter Simulation tool for folks to cut their electricity use by 30 percent.

By Dan Foster

Dan Foster and his wife live in Midland Michigan.