First Steps that Pay Off


One of the best things about going green is that it’s basically free money! I was amazed at Nancy’s ability in her Good Steward wor kshop to make “going green” simple for those of us who have never really thought about living that way at all. She’s not a crazy tree-hugging hippy; rather, all of the principles from her Good Steward workshop are practical ways to easily save the earth while saving money. She doesn’t tell you to rush out and buy a hybrid, put expensive solar panels on your house, or buy a composting toilet. Instead, she discusses simple, practical things all of us can do right now.

I’ve found that even implementing one of her great ideas a week saves me money and has put me on a path to better wellness. I’ve found that I’m naturally eating healthier, being more active, and being a better steward of my money and possessions. I think that’s the point: once you see the benefits of being a good steward in one area, taking care of other areas is a natural by-product.

One of the first things I implemented was re-weatherstripping my front door. Previously, there had been a 10º difference between rooms in my house, and after spending just $20 on supplies, that difference is 2-3º. That’ll save me hundreds–especially with today’s ever-increasing energy costs!

I also can’t say enough about the Sleeths and their commitment to helping those of us “newbies” get started. I’ve emailed Nancy several times with questions ranging from better composting practices to downsizing my “stuff” to developing community gardens. I’m eager to see what God has in store for all of us in the months and years to come through their unique calling!

By Jason Parmer

Jason Parmer is a multimedia professional who resides in Nicholasville, Ky., with his fun-loving Golden Retriever, Cheddar.